Orange Is The New Black Celebrates Halloween With Costume Contest!


There is no more convenient color scheme for Halloween in all of television than that of Orange Is the New Black, and this show’s team knows how to connect with fans. They took advantage of a holiday known for dressing up to throw a little costume contest, and the OITNB community jumped right on board.

Big Boo’s Halloween Costume Competition is OITNB’s way of encouraging fans to dress up like their favorite inmates, and share images of the shenanigans on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, with the hashtag #bigboo. The contest is hosted by Lea Delaria, the actor who plays Carrie “Big Boo” Black.

Response from fans has been stellar. Twitter and Instagram are full of OITNB fan interpretations of Crazy Eye, Alex, Chapman, Pornstache, Morello, and even a Super Chicken or two. Beige and orange scrubs are in full effect, as well as fake mustaches, glasses, wigs, and even intricate temporary tattoos. People flew solo as Alex or Crazy Eye, among others, or got together in a sea of beige and orange jumpsuits or scrubs for a group costume experience.

I’m in awe of the dedication I’m seeing, just from a search of the #bigboo hashtag (What? It’s research.)

I told you OITNB is awesome on Pinterest, right? There are 204 pins so far on the Big Boo’s Halloween Costume Contest board, so you can scroll through all the entries so far, and they’re waiting for yours. It may be a little late for the fancy OITNB apron I spied, but if you can rustle up some orange or beige scrubs by tomorrow night? You’re in, if you want to play along.

Here’s a look at what OITNB fans have put together for Halloween so far.

  • OITNB’s Big Boo Halloween Costume Contest 1 of 13
  • @NTakhar12 and friends 2 of 13

    "And the last memory of our prison escape. #oitnb#bigboo #scavengerhunt #memories #bestweek#costumecontest -- @ntakhar12"

    Image credit: Instagram

  • Ella, or Alex? 3 of 13

    Whoa, does @ellamorton look like Laura Prepon -- aka Alex Vause -- or what? I'm saying yes. 

    "Close enough! #OITNB -- @ellamorton" 


    Image credit: Instagram

  • Alex is a popular model. 4 of 13

    @jmo325 was another ringer for Prepon's Alex. 

    "How did I do? #oitnb #alex -- @jmo325"

    Image credit: Instagram

  • Crazy Eyes is a popular choice as well. 5 of 13

    @Nicalloway rocked the Crazy Eyes look, and threw in some of her best quotes as hashtags for good measure. 

    "Chocolate and Vanilla Swiiirrllll.... #oitnb#happyhalloween #ithrewmypieforyou #crazyeyes#bigboo #scrubs #goodtimes -- @nicalloway"

    Image credit: Instagram 

  • Orange and beige are the new black. 6 of 13

    @KHussey410 rounded up a lot of friends who got their hands on beige scrubs to join in the #bigboo competition. Extra points for strong teamwork! 


    Image credit: Instagram

  • So Many Temporary Tattoos 7 of 13

    Temporary tats, a la Alex, courtesy of a Sharpie? That's dedication, and @mahoozi has it. 

    "Slowly dying from ink poisoning #halloween#sharpietats #alexvause #orangeisthenewblack#prison -- @mahoozi19"


    Image credit: Instagram 

  • Got your OITNB id? 8 of 13

    There is nothing like the commitment of a person in search of the perfect Halloween costume. Vause and Chapman name badges? Check. 

    "Keepin it real as #alexvause @lauraprepon and#piperchapman @tayjschilling love this show!! #oitnb#bigboo -- @renehagens"

    Image credit: Instagram 

  • Dress as Pornstache, alarm your friends. 9 of 13

    "It's pretty amazing how one little mustache can make even your best friends be uncomfortable around you all night. I guess that's what happens when you're pornstache for Halloween!#orangeisthenewblack #pornstache #mendez#bigboo #oitnb #halloween #hollywood #california#losangeles #creepy #mustache #toocreepy#eyelashglue @_rayray_of_sunshine_ -- @welcome_to_the_griggs_life


    Image credit: Instagram

  • Morello, the Super Chicken, and Nichols 10 of 13

    @heycait and friend reenact the wonder that was Morello and the Super Chicken. 

    Image credit: Instagram

  • Handmade Pennsatucky dress? Got it. 11 of 13

    Do you have a friend who would spend HOURS making a Pennsatucky dress for you? @TeamOITNB does. (Sarinya, you are a good friend. It looks great!) 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • Red in the Halloween house. 12 of 13

    @LeolaRootSalad went for the look of Kate Mulgrew's character, Red:

    "I cut & dyed my hair, hand embroidered the coat, and even wore lipstick. O.O #ItsARedHalloween @totallykate #BigBoo -- @leolarootsalad"


    Image credit: Twitter


  • Big Boo, the judge 13 of 13

    Lea Delaria ran into these #bigboo Halloween Costume candidates while out and about. No word if they bribed the judge. 

    "This just happened to me @OITNB #bigboo. #really? -- @realleadelaria"


    Image credit: Instagram

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