The Only “Star Wars” Review You Need

Image source: Charlie Capen
Image source: Charlie Capen

Rather than say whether or not I thought the new Star Wars movie was good, I’d implore you all to forget the hype, and even the nostalgia for a bit, to walk in utterly unprepared.

We’ve been waiting for this movie for some length of time so our anticipation and excitement are understandably high. But at the heart of the reason why so many of us fell in love with the story was a universe of compelling characters who took us on an adventure that spanned generations, planetary distances and our imaginations.

Let the adventure take place without being preempted by previous iterations or even the trailers and TV spots. Look into the stars and wonder what battles could be taking place, listening for the faint sound of a lightsaber flicking on.


To my sons:

Boys, I’ve been trying to figure out why I love fantasy and science fiction so much. I have always been an unabashed believer in magic. But why has it traveled with me throughout the years? I think believing in the magic of a universe sort of affirms the idea that magic could and does exist here. And if we can search for it, maybe we could somehow create it.

In some small or large part, magic has been part of my humanity. And I would implore you both to find your magic, my young padawans. It is your destiny. And I bring you this message from the belly of the beast.

May the Force be with all of us.

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