Oprah Threw a ‘Wonder Woman’ Party for a Bunch of Kids, and We’re Honestly Kind of Jealous

Could anything be more exciting than going to a mansion party hosted by OPRAH of all people? Well, imagine being a kid and getting that invite. Talk about a golden ticket!

Legendary talk show host and OWN founder, Oprah Winfrey, recently pulled out all the stops for a Wonder Woman-themed bash for a group of 10-year-olds. No word yet on who they were, but we do know this — they are pretty much the luckiest 10-year-olds in the world right now.

Before the party, Winfrey posted some of the adorable details on her official Instagram account. Among the awesomeness that awaited her guests? Wonder Woman flip flops, Wonder Woman popcorn buckets, and even Wonder Woman wrist cuffs, just like Gal Godot sported in the movie!

#wonderwoman party planning.

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Winfrey’s enthusiasm was infectious as she announced each item like it was one of her new Favorite Things. She even showed fans her amazing Wonder Woman cake.

I mean, just get a look at that …

Party ovah here! #wonderwoman

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“This is a crowning moment,” said Winfrey as she placed the Wonder Woman topper on the cake.

As for the party menu, dishes included butter lettuce salad (for the parents, not the kids) and as Winfrey’s chef put it, “beautiful hamburgers and hot dogs.”

Actress Gal Godot, who played the iconic Wonder Woman in the movie, got wind of the party once it went viral Wednesday, and re-grammed one of Winfrey’s party posts saying simply, “This is awesome.”

Indeed, it did look awesome. But there was only one guest who looked a little unsure about the whole soirée: Winfrey’s dog, Sadie.

“Sadie’s not so sure about her wonderwomanness,” joked Winfrey.

Aw, Sadie — that headband looks perfect on you!

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