Orlando Bloom’s Heartfelt Mother’s Day Post Shows Us All How This Co-Parenting Thing Is Done

In honor of Mother’s Day, Orlando Bloom shared some touching words about his ex-wife Miranda Kerr on Instagram that have been warming hearts everywhere — and with good reason.

It all happened while Bloom was out with his 6-year-old son Flynn in China, where the actor is currently filming his next movie. While shopping, Flynn spotted an ad featuring his supermodel mother, and attempted to give the giant photo of her a hug.

Orlando quickly snapped a photo of the sweet moment and shared it with his fans. But the caption he wrote to go along with it is what’s really resonating with fans everywhere.

“Came across this billboard in China while he was visiting me on set,” wrote Bloom. “He loves his mum and what’s not to love — she’s a wonderful mother [and a] great friend and co parent. So blessed and grateful @mirandakerr #happymothersday.”

In just a few lines, it’s pretty clear that Bloom sees his ex-wife through his son’s eyes, and it sure is a beautiful thing.

After splitting in 2013, Kerr and Bloom seem to be navigating this co-parenting thing pretty darn well, and are setting a tremendous example for their son. It’s hard not to feel the love in Bloom’s beautiful message, and the fact he took the time to compliment the amazing woman his ex-wife is speaks volumes about the kind of man he is — as well as the respect they both still have for one another.

Although they’re no longer together, Bloom’s positive attitude is no doubt going to show his young son right from the start how you treat the mother of your child. Because yes, it is possible to still be partners and have a respectful relationship even though the marriage has ended. When you share a child together, your journey together is not over when you sign the divorce papers — after all, being a parent is the most important job either of you will ever have.

Of course, divorce can make the waters hard to navigate. Our own egos, feelings, and complicated emotions can make it almost impossible at times to look past certain issues and see the bigger picture. But when we put them aside to think about the happiness and well-being of all involved — especially the children — everyone wins.

Bloom recently told E! News that he was “happy” for Kerr and her new fiancé , Evan Spiegel, co-founder of Snapchat. And as another source told E!, Spiegel is “very much part of Flynn’s life” and that the 6-year-old “loves” him.

Moving on after a split can be an incredibly hard time for all parties involves, filled with lots of emotions you may not expect. Believe me, I should know — I’m new to this game myself, after recently separating from my husband of over 14 years. But so far, I feel blessed that my ex and I have been able to move on in a way that feels both healthy to us and our three kids.

Marriages can end, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of a relationship.
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In fact, after returning home from a business trip on Friday evening, just in time for my ex to take off for a guys’ weekend, I pulled in the driveway and we gave each other a high five. And after I hugged my babies hello and started unloading the car, I heard their father pull them aside and say, “It is Mother’s Day weekend, make sure you make her feel special and behave.”

Marriages can end, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of a relationship. It’s so important to show kids that you have enough respect for each other to set aside your differences, so they don’t get caught in the crossfire.

Major kudos to both Bloom and Kerr — by the looks of things, they sure are doing it right.

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