Our Favorite Fictional Moms and Why They Could Never Be Real

You know them. You love them. You wish they were your mom in real life.

Our favorite fictional moms from TV, books, and movies set a pretty high standard for real-life moms. When I was a kid I pictured myself being just like Claire Huxtable when I grew up.  Now that I am a mom, Tami Taylor sets the new standard as Mrs. Coach on Friday Night Lights. But I might do better to find some heroes in, you know, reality, because these fine women don’t actually exist and and never could! 

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  • Ma from Little House on the Prairie 2 of 11

    Why she's so great: Ma is as nurturing and loving as the day on the prairie is long (and they have some pretty long days out there.). Ma is a perfect example of virtue, patience, hard work, and every other good thing. Oh, to be like Ma. 

    Why she isn't real: Because no one would put up with Pa for that long. HE WANTED TO MOVE AS SOON AS THEY FINISHED EVERY HOUSE AND HOVEL THEY EVER LIVED IN.  

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  • Molly Weasley from Harry Potter 3 of 11

    Why she's so great: Mrs. Weasley lovingly feeds and worries over her brood of ginger-haired children and takes in all of their friends, too. The Burrow is the place you want to hang out after school and over summer break. She's fiercely loyal and not-too shabby with a wand. I want to be her so bad.

    Why she isn't real: Well. This is hard for me to say. But, the fact of the matter is, wizards aren't real, and neither is Mrs. Weasley.  SOB.

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  • Marmee from Little Women 4 of 11

    Why she's so great: Mrs. March from Little Women is a totally perfect mother. She's tidy and loving and she encourages her girls' creativity and education.  

    Why she isn't real: Because her deadbeat husband's generosity thrust them into poverty and no one can overcome that kind of crippling bitterness in real life — not in the late 1800s, and not now. 

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  • Mrs. Parker from A Christmas Story 5 of 11

    Why she's so great: Ralphie's mom is the heart of the story. She delights in her boys, creates fun family traditions, and keeps peace in the family. 

    Why she isn't real: Because if she were real, Randy would be on a gluten-free diet and she'd have a restraining order against her verbally abusive husband.

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  • Claire Huxtable from the Cosby Show 6 of 11
    claire huxtable

    Why she's so great: Claire Huxtable is the whole package as far as moms go: Gorgeous, accomplished, loving, funny, generous, and cool. You don't just want her to be your mom, you want her to be your mom, your lawyer, your best friend, your wife, and your self. 

    Why she's not real: Sorry guys. If believing in Claire Huxtable is wrong, I don't want to be right. 

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  • Marge from the Simpsons 7 of 11

    Why she's so great: Even though she's a cartoon, Marge is just like your mom. She's out of it but doesn't care. She's game. She loves her kids. She relishes domesticity. 

    Why she's not real: Marge is an enabler, folks. Homer is an alcoholic, and we're all in denial. The truth hurts. 

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  • Carol Brady 8 of 11

    Why she's so great: Carol pluckily supports her architect husband and blended family through all kinds of mad cap fun. Her hair is fabulous and her clothes are perfection. She's never wrong or mean. How does she do it?

    Why she's not real: Carol Brady is not real and we can never be exactly like her because Alice isn't real and Alice brings the Brady Bunch dream to life. It is Alice who makes "Carol" possible. 

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  • Dowager Countess 9 of 11
    Dowager Countess

    Why she's so great: The Dowager Countess hasn't stopped mothering Lord Grantham just because he's a big boy now. She still advises him and encourages him. She hates his foes and will protect him at all costs. Motherhood endures. 

    Why she's not real: I actually know some ladies like the Dowager Countess in real life and they are fantastic mothers. So who am I to say she couldn't exist? (I feel like if I say she's not real I might have an encounter with a very slippery bar of soap.)

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  • Tami Taylor 10 of 11
    Tami Taylor

    Why she's so great: Sassy, spunky, gorgeous, awesome, understanding, loving, wise Mrs. Coach. What would Coach Taylor do without her? Nay, what would the town of Dillon do without her?

    Why she's not real: Well, she has moved to Nashville to pursue her singing career and, frankly, in terms of being an awesome role model and mother — she's slipping.

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  • Aunt May from Spider-Man 11 of 11
    Aunt May

    Why she's so great: Sure she's just Peter Parker's aunt, but she's the only mother he has. Aunt May is dear to Peter. She fusses over him, provides a comfortable home for him, and instills the values that guide Spider-Man's actions. 

    Why she's not real: A lady this old and feeble would make an easy target for any of Spidey's enemies. She would never have survived. If the Green Goblin really wanted to hit Peter where he lives he would have gone after Aunt May instead of Gwen Stacy. HELLO. REALITY CHECK. 

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