This Magical ‘Peter Pan’-Inspired Newborn Photo Shoot Is Straight Out of Never Land

neverland photoshoot
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

By now, you know that we’re huge fans of Disney-themed newborn photo shoots. From staging adorable little ones as tiny Disney princesses to showcasing them as classic Disney villains, photographer Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits is no stranger to creating magic with her photos.

Wendy Darling
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Her latest achievement? She’s sprinkling pixie dust all over her studio and transporting her latest group of newborns to Never Land — and the results are breathtaking. With all of the main Peter Pan characters accounted for, this may be the photographer’s most dazzling shoot yet. We can’t get enough of Peter, Wendy, Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook!

neverland photoshoot
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

We caught up with Marie, who explained that she was ready to “focus more on specific Disney movies and characters that go together,” which we personally find very exciting — that means there are more shoots to come!

Which, of course, we asked Marie about, who coyly said, “It’s kind of a secret, but if I had to give a hint … I would just ‘Let it Go!'” Well, it’s safe to say we’ll certainly be waiting to see how that turns out.

peter pan
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Something we’ve come to expect of Marie’s images is that there will always be extremely detailed props, costumes, and backdrops. Marie even noted that her favorite part about working on the set is “creating the sets and working with the babies.” She explained, “It’s nice to break out of my day-to-day sets and do something creative.”

tinker bell
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

This latest set was no different and was put together with the help of Sew Trendy Accessories, Off My Hooks, and Drops & Props. We seriously can’t get enough of Tinker Bell’s teeny tiny wings and how realistic the clock tower looks.

Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

The most memorable moment of this spectacular shoot was, “When Peter Pan stretched while we were trying to get one of his shots and it literally looked like he was leaping out the window!” Marie said. “We all laughed and cheered. There was no way that could ever be posed!”

captain hook
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Talk about capturing some Disney magic! We hope these mini Peter Pan characters never grow up.

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