31 New Picture Books Your Kids Will Beg to Read Over and Over

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It’s not secret that kids love picture books. From begging to turn the pages, to insisting you read them “just one more story,” these books are essential to the perfect bedtime routine. Also, who doesn’t want to have a fun-filled library of kids’ books? We’ve rounded up our favorite new picture books of the year — get ready to have some quality reading time with your little one!

1. Ellie in Concert by Mike Wu

ellie in concert book
Image source: Disney Publishing

Everyone needs a little help falling asleep sometimes — including animals at the zoo! When Lucy the giraffe struggles to snooze, Ellie the elephant orchestrates a concert with her best zoo pals to serenade her to sleep. Filled with vibrant watercolor paintings by Pixar animator Mike Wu, your child will want to read Ellie in Concert over and over again.
Available from Amazon, $11.89

2. BE QUIET! by Ryan T. Higgins

be quiet book
Image source: Disney Publishing

Rupert the mouse wants to star in a beautiful, wordless picture book. He has SO many ideas about what makes a great book but his friends won’t stop blabbering! Sound familiar? You’re guaranteed to chuckle while reading this fun story.
Available from Amazon, $11.37

3. Goodnight, Numbers by Danica McKellar

goodnight numbers book
Image source: Random House

Can you teach reading and numbers at the same time? You sure can. This sweet introduction to numbers by actress, author, mother, and celebrated mathematician Danica McKellar provides an interactive counting experience for wee ones on every beautifully illustrated page. As an added bonus, McKellar offers parents insightful ideas on ways to incorporate math fundamentals into their child’s everyday life.
Available from Amazon, $10.69

4. We’re All Wonders by R.J. Palacio

we're all wonders book
image source: Random House

Based on her bestselling book, Wonder, author R.J. Palacio introduces young readers to Auggie, a boy who feels like everyone else, in spite of a world that doesn’t see him this way. This must-have book for families highlights themes such as empathy, acceptance, friendship, and kindness through rich text and inspired illustrations.
Available from Amazon, $12.36

5. How to Raise a Mom by Jean Regan

how to raise a mom book
Image source: Random House

Turn the tables as two siblings try their hand at raising a happy mom! This instruction manual for kids is as playful as it is poignant in it’s quest to help mom become the best she can be with a little help from her caring kids. With it’s fun illustrations and caring message, this book is sure to become a bedtime favorite.
Available from Amazon, $11.88

6. I Just Want to Say Goodnight by Rachel Isadora

i just want to say good night book
Image source: Penguin Random House

Meet Lala, a little girl in rural Africa who just doesn’t want to go to sleep. Her precocious spirit and wild curiosities brought to life by rich oil-painted images illustrate the sweet and silly sleep-stalling tactics every parent — and child — can relate to.
Available from Amazon, $11.56

7. Vampirina at the Beach by Anne Maria Pace

vampirina at the beach book
Image source: Disney Publishing

Do vampires love the beach? You bet! Vampirina and her best monster pals head to the beach during the full moon on a perfect summer night to enjoy all the fun and festivities the beach has to offer. Along the way, Vampirina’s beach adventures highlight the importance of beach safety to ensure an epic adventure for all.
Available from Amazon, $11.56

8. Pedal Power by Allan Drummond

pedal power book
Image source: Macmillan

A story about bikes with a built-in history lesson? Awesome! Pedal Power educates readers about bicycling in Amsterdam in the 1970’s and the peaceful protest that made it the bicycle capital of the world.
Available from Amazon, $15.99

9. Who Wants to be a Princess? by Bridget Heos

who wants to be a princess book
Image source: Macmillan

Do your kids ever say “I wish I was a princess?” While they may have certain ideas about what it means to be a real princess, this book dives into what it meant to be a princess in medieval times. Let’s just say it wasn’t all singing animals and fabulous gowns.
Available from Amazon, $12.99

10. If My Love Were A Firetruck: A Daddy’s Love Song by Luke Reynolds

if my love were a fire truck book
Image source: Random House

This rhyming love song of a story highlights the amazing love between a father and son using children’s favorite sights and images to create this moving message of love through song. This book of bright images, big hearts, and bold love will have your child begging for an encore.
Available from Amazon, $11.72

11. Escargot by Dashka Slater

escargot book
Image source: Macmillan

Slide along with Escargot, the sweetest little French snail you ever did meet, as he gently persuades your child to try a disliked food with his precious personality and charming wit.
Available from Amazon, $15.07

12. Take Your Time by Eva Furrow

take your time book
Image source: Macmillan

Every child who loves to take their time will appreciate Harriet, the notoriously slow tortoise from the Galápagos Islands. When she’s pressed to pick up her all-too-patient pace, she ventures off to see if a nearby island is more her speed.
Available from Amazon, $15.21

13. Mommies Are Amazing by Meredith Costain

mommies are amazing book
Image source: Macmillan

In this sequel to Daddies Are Awesome, mama cats and their kittens have their time to shine. The gentleness of this book, filled with sweet rhymes and special moments between mother and child, will quickly become a bedtime favorite.
Available from Amazon, $12.14

14. Flash the Fish by Paul Kor

flash the fish book
Image source: Random House

If you were a fan of Rainbow Fish, you’ll definitely want to introduce your kids to this story. Little Flash’s family travels together in a glimmering pack all over the ocean. During their travels, Flash discovers a lost baby whale, jumping to her rescue and helping to reunite her with her parents.
Available from Amazon, $11.98

15. Lexie the Word Wrangler by Rebecca Van Slyke

lexie the word wrangler book
Image source: Random House

Has your child reached the age where you can’t spell things like c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e out loud anymore? May as well embrace it by gifting them this awesome book. It’s a celebration of words set in the Wild West — what could be more fun?
Available from Amazon, $12.75

16. Mama’s Kisses by Kate McMullan

mama's kisses book
Image source: Random House

Who doesn’t love a rhyming bedtime story from within the jungle? This sweet lullaby features baby animals crawling, creeping, hiding, and giggling while their hesitant mothers trail behind them — hoping to soothe them to sleep.
Available from Amazon, $12.01

17. The Ring Bearer by Floyd Cooper

the ring bearer book
Image source: Random House

The excitement of a wedding day isn’t just reserved for the bride and groom — the ring bearer plays an important part as well! This playful rhyming story expresses the fun of a wedding as told through the eyes of a young ring bearer.
Available from Amazon, $12.14

18. If I Were a Kangaroo by Mylisa Larson

if i were a kangaroo book
Image source: Random House

From kangaroos and squirrels to gorillas and otters, this sweet bedtime story envisions the rituals of all your kids’ favorite animals as they quietly drift off to sleep.
Available from Amazon, $12.75

19. I Will Love You Forever by Tatsuya Miyahnishi

i will love you forever book
image source: Museyon

The latest in the Tyrannosaurus series is the perfect read for the dinosaur enthusiast in your life. Not only is this story about love, but it’s a special way to teach children about adoption as well.
Available from Amazon, $11.72

20. Hannah Sparkles: A Friend Through Rain or Shine by Robin Mellom

hannah sparkles book
Image source: Harper Collins

If your little one loved the Fancy Nancy series, they’ll be head over heels for this picture book. It’s a fun story about friendship and learning to love someone despite their differences from you.
Available from Amazon, $12.75 

21. Even Fairies Fart by Jennifer Stinson

even fairies fart book
Image source: Harper Collins

Want to prove to your child that no one is perfect? Show them this hilarious yet relatable story to remind them that everyone makes mistakes — even fairies, queens, and trolls.
Available from Amazon, $17.99

22. The Book of Mistakes by Corrina Luyken

the book of mistakes book
Image source: Penguin Young Readers

It’s so important for kids to learn that mistakes happen, which is why we’re utterly obsessed with The Book of Mistakes. The story takes you through the artistic process of drawing — complete with inky smudges and misshapen characters.
Available from Amazon, $12.91

23. If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, Don’t by Elise Parsley

if you ever want to bring a circus to a library, don't book
Image source: Little Brown and Company

This hilarious book is a loud, cautionary tale of what not to do at the library. Your kids will know the library as a place for inside voices, which is why you’ll find them in a fit of giggles reading this book.
Available for pre-order from Amazon, $12.14

24. Night, Night Groot by Brendan Deneen

night, night groot book
Image source: Disney Publishing

With the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, it’s only fitting that you and your family prep with a bedtime story featuring everyone’s favorite sidekick — Groot. He’s never looked cuter.
Available from Amazon, $9.00

25.  Holly’s Day at the Pool by Benson Shum

holly's day at the pool book
Image source: Disney Publishing

Is your little one afraid of the pool? So is Holly the hippo. This relatable story showcases Holly’s fear as she imagines icy water, seals, and icebergs that prevent her from entering the pool. In the end Holly is brave — and your little one can be, too.
Available from Amazon, $11.72

26. Queen Dog by Bridget Heos

queen dog book
Image source: Disney Publishing

Queen Dog is a bit frazzled after a newcomer comes into her castle, ruining her peace and stealing attention from her. It’s a great story for teaching children how to accept a new sibling.
Available from Amazon, $13

27. Beauty and the Beast by Cynthia Rylant

beauty and the beast book
Image source: Disney Publishing

Ah, this picture book is truly a beautiful tale as old as time. The ever-talented Cynthia Rylant retells the original fairytale of Beauty and the Beast through lyrical prose and soft, enchanting illustrations.
Available from Amazon, $9.38

28. Bob, Not Bob! by Audrey Vernick and Liz Garton Scanlon

bob, not bob!
Image source: Disney Publishing

You know how your words simply don’t come out right when you have a stuffy nose? This hysterical story tackles that problem. When Louie catches a bad cold, he calls out “Mom!” only to continue to be greeted by his dog, “Bob.” Be sure to read this story as if you have the worst cold EVER.
Available from Amazon, $11.98

29.  Peterrific by Victoria Kann

peterrific book
Image source: Harper Collins

We’re quite sure that you’ve encountered the charming Pinkalicious series, so we know you’re just going to love this book starring Pinka’s brother, Peter. While he may not have an infatuation with color, he loves building.
Available for preorder from Amazon, $12.62

30. The Case of the Stinky Stench by Josh Funk

the case of the stinky stench book
image source: Sterling Publishing

Ready for a hilarious mystery? Join Sir French Toast and his nephew, Inspector Croissant, as they track down the mysterious foul odor taking over the fridge. Not only will this bring your family lots of laughs — it may even motivate your kids to clean!
Available for preorder from Amazon, $6.78

31.  Uniquely ME by Rolondo Talbott

uniquely me book
Image source: Rolondo Talbott

In his debut book series, Rolondo Talbott has found a way to represent families of all different kinds. The series celebrates biracial families and teaches children to be proud of their unique backgrounds.
Available from Amazon, $0.99

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