Pink’s Words of Wisdom for Her Daughter: “It’s Way More Fun to Be Weird”

When it comes to badass celeb moms, Pink has emerged as a universal favorite this year, thanks to the honest and empowering way she raises both her kids, but especially her 6-year-old daughter, Willow.

I mean, who can forget that inspiring VMA speech she gave back in August, when she celebrated the beauty in being “different” and shared how she’s teaching her daughter to love herself, just as she is? And now, in a recent interview with Cosmo, Pink is back with more parenting wisdom she believes will help mold little Willow into a confident and kind woman someday.

“I want her to have like a … instead of ‘What would Jesus do?’, ‘What would my mom do?,” the singer says with a laugh in the video, which is going viral on Cosmo’s Facebook page.

And the answer to that would likely be “take no sh*t from anyone” but also “be kind and true to yourself.”

By now, Pink’s commitment to setting a good example for her daughter is pretty obvious. She wants Willow to see her as strong. As independent. As someone who loves and values herself.

But Pink also raises Willow with a few basic rules. For example, when choosing boys to have in her life, they must be “kind, respectful, chivalrous, good to their moms, good looking, and funny.” And she tells her daughter that only if they meet this criteria do they deserve her.

And speaking of boys, the singer also shares that she once had a teenage boyfriend who tried pressing her into having sex before she was ready, to which she replied, “No. I’ll have sex when I want to have sex.” And that’s exactly the advice she plans to impart to her daughter.

YES! Every child and teen needs to hear this message. Your body. Your choice. Your decision.

The mom of two also offers a counter philosophy to the old “Just Say No” mantra that we ’80s kids grew up hearing on repeat. Because “Just Say No” doesn’t explain or teach us why kids should actually say no. Nor does it tell them what they should say yes to. Instead, Pink teaches Willow to “just be educated” and “just know what you’re doing” instead of blindly saying no.

Other parenting philosophies shared by the rock star include the encouragement to embrace your weirdness. “It’s way more fun to be weird,” Pink says. “Normal is boring.”

And how about this gem: “Don’t say mean things and don’t say things you don’t mean.” What a powerful, yet simple statement that guides so many scenarios throughout childhood where kids have to make a choice with what words they use.

And speaking of words, Pink also teaches Willow that words are powerful, so she should use them wisely. She says that she’s careful with how she talks about herself in front of Willow — which is such an important part of parenting our girls. If our daughters hear us put ourselves down, how will they grow up to feel confident in themselves? Pink knows that she’s her daughter’s No. 1 role model and she takes that job very seriously.

But perhaps my favorite bit advice that Pink shares in this latest interview is this: “There’s no success without failure.” This life rule is something I still struggle with myself, as a 37-year old mom of three. But as a person who fears failure, I absolutely see the value in teaching my kids that it’s okay to fail. And if you don’t, it might mean you haven’t tried enough things in life.

“Try as many things as possible and when you find the thing you love I’ll support you in it,” Pink tells her daughter. She adds that this is how her parents raised her — they encouraged her to be herself, no matter what, and supported her however they could. Now that she’s grown, she’s incredibly grateful for what that gave her, and vows to do the same for Willow.

The bottom line? “Speak your truth and be true to yourself,” Pink tells her daughter, in a line that I’m pretty sure all of us could stand to tell ourselves each day.

Pink may have emerged at the height of the teenie-bopper era, with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera topping the charts. But Pink was no traditional pop star and made no apologies for it. And now, she’s raising her daughter to do the same. We can’t wait to see what a rockstar (literally or figuratively) Willow grows up to be with a mom like Pink.

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