Pink’s Latest Pumping Selfie Has Moms Everywhere Saying SAME

If I pulled out a calculator and added up all the years that I’ve been breastfeeding and pumping, it would total about four straight years. YEARS. That’s a ton of time spent thinking about my boobs. And how much milk my babies were getting. And trying to do my taxes/clean my house/reach the controller with my toes, and about a bajillion other things while simultaneously trapped under a nursing child or strapped to a breast pump.

Sometimes, though, I would think about something else. Namely, all the things I could do after I was done — like have a glass of wine, for example. Because if you’ve ever been tethered to a baby’s internal hunger clock or a dinosaur of a breast pump machine, then you know how rare that glass of wine can be.

So when Pink took to Instagram to post yet another hilarious pumping selfie this weekend, it hit home. Hard.

“When you’re almost done pumping and you know what’s next,” her caption read — a sentiment that immediately had moms everywhere saying YASSSSS.

The thing I love about Pink is that despite all her fame, and the wealth and privilege that comes with it, she still feels REAL, you know? Like if I knew her I could totally call her on a random Monday afternoon and say, “Wanna have a play date … ?” and just show up in my yoga pants and a stained sweatshirt, with my baby on my hip. That kind of real.

Her candid posts about motherhood are wildly popular because she manages to nail everyday frustrations, accomplishments, and hilarious moments that naturally occur with kids. I mean seriously, just look at how cute this family is?!

This isn’t the first time Pink’s shared a pumping selfie, however. Earlier this year, she posted another hilarious pic while taking a pumping break before a live show. And it was … well, pretty priceless.

Pink has also used her very large public persona to bring positive attention to breastfeeding. I’ll never forget the sweet Instagram photo she posted in 2016 for National Breastfeeding Week, which showed her nursing her daughter, Willow.

“In honor of #NationalBreastfeedingWeek2016 I proudly post this photo of a very HEALTHY, NATURAL act between mother and child,” she captioned her post, before throwing out some photo cred to her husband, Carey Hart: “Taken in Helsinki by a very supportive and proud Papa.” (Isn’t that sweet?!)

I’m currently nursing baby No. 3, and I find myself constantly having to either whip it out in the open yet private space of my house or seek privacy under a sheet of fabric or while sitting behind tinted windows in my car while in public.

All I can say is this: The world definitely needs more cool moms like Pink, who are brave and bold enough to show what natural feeding looks like, what everyday craziness in motherhood looks like, and also … honestly, what cool moms worth looking up to look like. She most certainly deserves that glass of wine!

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