Pink’s Hilarious Selfie Pretty Much Sums Up Pumping on the Go

Pink has proven time and time again that she’s relatable AF, especially when it comes to this whole parenting thing.

She’s shared unabashed breastfeeding photos while nursing in public. She’s admitted to occasionally ignoring her kid while staring at her phone. And she’s also faced her fair share of public mom-shaming — like that time she DARED to drink coffee while pregnant and the sanctimommies of the Internet tore her apart. (For the record, she shook it off pretty easily.)

On Wednesday, Pink took to Instagram once more to share an honest, in-your-face, and hilarious selfie while pumping milk for her 7-month-old son Jameson. And it has moms everywhere saying “SAME!”

The singer snapped the photo while standing in a London bathroom, with her shirt up around her neck, a hands-free pump attached to her, and a shocked expression on her face.

“And now this,” reads her caption, along with the hashtags #pumpupthejams and #mombreak.

Her post instantly resonated with pumping moms across Instagram, who know the realities of pumping on-the-go all too well. It can be awkward and boring; uncomfortable and tedious. But at the end of the day, it’s more than worth it.

“Lol I’m actually doing the exact same thing with the same type of pump and bra,” wrote one user.

“Haha so I totally had that EXACT same nursing bra when pumping for my two youngest boys while working FT,” wrote another. “And I too became good friends with the bathroom mirror for a time over many, MANY #mombreaks. Thanks for representing and supporting [what] all the wonderful, beautiful, but very hard work[ing] mamas do for their babies and families no matter the circumstances. Much love.”

This isn’t the first honest glimpse into motherhood the singer has shared, while on tour with her two kids this summer. Just last month, she shared this sweet and silly photo of herself “multitasking” with Jameson.

And another while playing around the other day.

And a few weeks back, Pink shared a poignant snap with her 6-year-old daughter Willow Sage before heading to Budapest.

One thing’s for sure: we’ll never get sick of seeing what she and her kiddos are up to!

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