Pink Celebrates Birth of Son with a Bonus “Big Sister” Party for Her Daughter Willow

Despite the endless amount of opinions out there on the subject, the truth is, there’s no magical age gap for spacing apart multiple kids. If your kids are a year apart, they grow up together never knowing life without a sibling. For other families, like that of singer Pink and husband Cary Hart, their first child had them all to herself for five years. So to help her transition to “big sisterhood,” the clever parents decided to throw her a “big sister” party, and honestly, I think the idea is genius.

Complete with balloons and a giant chocolate cake, Pink’s daughter Willow rang in her new role as big sis with a bang over the weekend. And our resident Cool Mom captured the special moment with an adorable snapshot of the three of them, shared on Instagram Sunday.

Willow (with beautiful pink hair of course!) looks so proud and excited for her new job.

Congrats Big Sis! #bigsisterparty

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What a smart idea for Pink and her husband, as the transition can be challenging for older kids. They often exhibit jealousy and resentment over having to suddenly share their parents after being an only child for so many years. And while no two kids are the same, Parents.com suggests that one of the best methods for combatting any negative behavior toward the new baby is to commit to regular one-on-one time with your older child and to involve him.

For you, maybe this means a nightly bedtime snuggle where you and your older child can finally talk about their day, or even doing an errand like running to the grocery store and leaving the baby with your partner or a sitter. Letting your older child know that they’re still very important to you is crucial.

Also, having him or her help out with diapers, feeding, bathing, and changing the baby will help them feel valued and needed, and this will help them view their role positively and promote bonding with their sibling.

Although my own kids are only two years apart, we still battled jealousy and ensured that each of them had special time with me, my husband, or grandparents whenever possible. Whether it was a coloring session or round of mini-golf, we made sure they felt just as important as before their sibling(s) arrived.

Also, Parents.com stresses the importance of acknowledging your big kid’s feelings. Jealousy is a normal human emotion — something we still experience as adults — and should not be discounted. Talk about it and validate what your kid is going through. Also, always praise positive interactions with the baby to promote the development of a loving sibling relationship.

And of course, don’t forget to follow Pink’s lead and throw a party! (Even if that just means some impromptu cupcakes and balloons.)

From the looks of it, big sis Willow and her baby brother Jameson are starting off okay. In another recent Instagram post (taken right after Jameson was born), Willow can be seen holding her adorable brother and smiling from ear to ear. I think she’s definitely up for the task.

Congratulations to Pink and family!

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