Pint-sized Critic: An 8-Year-Old Reviews Disney’s Maleficent


It was starting to get a wee bit annoying. Every single time my 8-year-old daughter would see a commercial, a billboard, or any reference to Disney’s Maleficent, she would ask, once again, when we could go see it.

My answer was always the same (“the end of May”) but she would still ask again, again, and again. Apparently not only is she forgetful but it was becoming clear that she could NOT wait to see this live-action take on an animated classic she had seen oodles of times.  Plus she has a love/hate relationship with Disney villains (she loves to hate them), and it was apparent that Angelina Jolie’s striking version of Maleficent had cast a spell on her. And how could she avoid being drawn in by those eyes, those cheekbones, and those horns?

My second-grader and I put on our 3D-glasses and were transported to another time, another place, and another realm. After the breathtaking voyage into a totally different take on the Sleeping Beauty story, I sat her down, bribed her with some ice cream, and had her review the film. Read her pint-sized take on Maleficent right here:

How old do think you have to be to see Maleficent?
I think you have to be like 8. Or maybe 7. But I think younger than 7 it might be too scary. It’s dark. There are a couple parts that are scary but they aren’t TOO scary. I thought it was going to be a lot scarier than it was.

What does the movie remind you of?
Well Sleeping Beauty, of course! But parts of the story reminded me of Frozen! But there are no songs. Except for there is a song at the end during the credits. It’s a really cool version of that song from the original movie but it’s deeper and spookier. And it also kinda reminded me of that Oz movie (Oz: The Great and Powerful) and the Wicked Witch because both her and Maleficent wear all black, have green power, and were really mad at a boy.


What did you think of Angelina Jolie, the lady who played Maleficent?
She was really good, and she looked really, really cool. I thought she was going to be scary after seeing the ads but she wasn’t that bad. She was nice. I liked her black outfit a lot; it made her look evil. Earlier in the movie she wore brown and she looked more like a branch. And where did she get her clothes? She lives in the woods! There aren’t stores or anything there. Maybe she made them with magic or she knows how to sew? But you know what? I really, really want to be her for Halloween. PLEASE!!!!

What did you think of Aurora?
She was really pretty and seemed so much like a Disney princess, which makes sense because she IS a Disney princess. I like her dresses, but mama, I’d still rather go as Maleficent for Halloween.


What did you think of the fairies?
They were wacky! Like they were real but not. They were really different than the ones in the original. Those fairies looked older and were chubbier. They seemed more like grandmas. The new fairies were more fairy-like.

What did you think of the look of the film?
It was pretty; someplace I would like to go. Maybe they’ll open up a Maleficentland in Disneyland? Then we could go there. They used a lot of effects in the movie so it made it look like magic. And the creatures were really cool-looking, and they all seemed kind of familiar to me, like they were new but old.

Will you tell your friends to go see it?
Yes, well some of them — the ones who wouldn’t get scared. But I’d tell them that some scenes may be a little scary but not that much and that it has some sad parts. But it has a happy ending so that makes it all okay.

Are you going to take your kids to see Maleficent?

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 Maleficent is open everywhere!

Photo Source: Walt Disney

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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