Planes: Fire and Rescue Toys — A List Your Kids Will Love!

planes: fire and rescue toys Are Flying In The Planes: Fire and Rescue toys and products are seriously fun. The movie won’t be released until July 18, but quite a few of these products are available now or will be available soon. I’ve seen the movie (it’s great), and I have seen many of the new products. A few weeks ago I spent some time in California with the filmmakers of Planes: Fire and Rescue, and their passion and attention to detail was awe inspiring. One of the things I learned was all of the numbers on the side of every vehicle represented something significant for someone who worked on the film. Knowing this gives the toys from this movie a bit of something extra special. I can point out the numbers on the back of a die cast plane and tell my son it was something the animator added as a way to acknowledge his child’s birthday.

Planes: Fire and Rescue Toys and Products:

planes: fire and rescue toys Die Cast Vehicles 1. The Toys!

It wouldn’t be a Planes movie if there weren’t, well, planes! Get ready to meet 16 characters all available in die cast and deluxe die cast. The deluxe will be available exclusively at the Disney Store.

planes: fire and rescue toys Rescue Games 2. The Games

I am so thrilled about the games and puzzles coming out with this movie. What is especially great is that they are the high-quality Ravensburger line which is so good for kids new to puzzles. A Planes: Fire and Rescue version of Chutes and Ladders will be available later this summer. The puzzle will be available in July on Amazon, and Chutes and Ladders will be available in August in places where games are sold.

planes: fire and rescue toys Clothes 3. The Clothes

Let’s just have a moment to take in the bomber jacket and aviator hat. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing kids are going to be giddy about. The Disney Store online already has a great selection of clothing items from Planes: Fire and Rescue.

planes: fire and rescue toys Wheels 4. The Wheels

There are several playtime vehicles which will be available this summer including a Huffy bike and scooter and this super cool Mobo Tot Cruiser. Look for these to show up in Toys ‘R Us and specialty stores this summer. Image Credit: Mobo Tot

planes: fire and rescue toys School Stuff 5. The School Stuff

Around here school is JUST letting out for summer, but my son is already discussing what kind of backpack he wants next year. I have a feeling once he sees you can personalize a rescue pack he will NEED the Dusty backpack.

planes: fire and rescue toys Read Along Storybook 6. The Book

Curious what happens in Planes: Fire and Rescue? This read-along storybook is something we have been listening to as we count down the days to the movie’s release. If you have kids who enjoy movies more when they know what is coming, this could be the perfect solution for them and it is available from Amazon now.

While I am excited about a lot of these products, there is a big feeling of something missing: products for the girls. Planes: Fire and Rescue features Dipper, a seriously likable plane from Alaska who happens to be a girl. It is a shame there aren’t any Dipper character products being marketed to girls. A lot of the marketing materials ARE gender-neutral so there is something to be said for that. It would be nice if something was specifically targeted to the girls who will be going and enjoying this film.

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