Watching a Character from Planes: Fire & Rescue Come to Life

Artist at Work: Planes: Fire & Rescue

Recently I flew to California. On a plane. It was just a basic, average, normal, minimal legroom airplane. There was no snack, there was no in-flight movie, and saddest of all, my plane wasn’t voiced by Dane Cook. Once I landed in California I was treated to one of the first screenings of the new animated film Planes: Fire & Rescue. Dane Cook was back again as the voice of Dusty Crophopper, but the story and many characters are completely new. I can not wait to share more about the film in the next couple of weeks because it truly was a blast and a half to watch.

Smoke Jumpers from Planes: Fire & RescueAfter watching the film I got to meet many of the people involved with bringing Planes: Fire & Rescue to life. This movie was years in the making, which meant there were a LOT of people who had their hand in making it. I have a five-year-old and I have seen the first Cars, the second Cars, and the first Planes movie a million times. That number is not an exaggeration at all. I have always been thankful for the creative art and storytelling in these stories, especially because, as parents, we end up having to endure enjoy many repeat viewings of them.

I got to talk to Art Hernandez, the Head of Story, and Lawrence Gong, the Story Artist for Planes: Fire & Rescue. They spoke about the art of the story and gave a demonstration on how to draw a character from the new movie. It was cool to watch the transformation of a few lines and circles slowly morph into an airplane with a personality. I never would have imagined feminine eyelashes could be hinted at just from the placement of windshield blades. I made a mental note to make sure I pointed these elements out to my son once the movie came out.

After the demonstration I quietly asked Art if I could have his autograph to bring home to surprise my son. I ended up getting the surprise when Art not only gave his autograph, but also drew one of the cool smoke jumpers from the film next to his name!


Planes: Fire & Rescue is rated PG for “action and some peril” and opens in theaters on July 18th.

Learn How to Draw Dusty from Planes: Fire & Rescue


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