This Is the Polly Pocket Purse You Never Knew You Always Wanted

polly pocket purse
Image source: TruffleShuffle Retail

It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting cross-legged in my childhood bedroom with my tiny Polly Pocket dolls sprawled out across the carpet. Those microscopic dolls held my attention for countless hours. I even had a pair of sneakers with a Polly inside, which I naturally cut the doll out of to play when the shoes became too small.

Any respectable Polly Pocket fan would agree that the best part about the tiny toys were their perfect portability — which is why ’90s kids everywhere are freaking out over this Polly Pocket purse.

TruffleShuffle Retail has announced that their Polly Pocket heart-shaped crossbody bag will be available for sale on their site June 8th for £37.99 ($48.95). Personally, I cannot wait!

polly pocket purse
Image source: TruffleShuffle Retail

The bag features a fancy gold chain strap, the classic Polly Pocket logo, and a fantastic print of Polly inside. I’m not sure there’s a Polly fan out there that wouldn’t want this handbag. If you’d like a reminder to jump on the bandwagon and pick up this this precious purse, I recommend signing up for the site’s email reminder like I did. I have a funny feeling this hot item is going to sell out faster than you can say “nostalgic.”

Get your credit cards ready, my fellow ’90s kids — we have some spending to do!

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