Popcorn Break: This Week in Pop Culture

Pop culture today is a mystery. I mean, why have adults reverted to wearing diaper-like pants? What the heck is a Gigi Hadid? And do we like Justin Bieber now? Did we ever?

Keeping up with the Kardashians times is practically a full-time job. One that loses priority when you’re trying to feed your baby, drive your kids to their 17 extracurriculars, and make your teen put their iPhone down to make eye contact with you once a day.

We talked to some reputable sources and rounded up five-ish hot topics you can bring up on the sidelines of the soccer field or if you just need a little mental popcorn break…

Where everyone is going: Coachella

Once upon a time, in a land called Southern California, there was a three-day festival that caused teenagers and self-described “hip” adults everywhere to lose their shit. Coachella is the event of the year for people who love to wear fringe and flower crowns, dance to music in the middle of the desert, and do a few things they won’t tell their boss about Monday morning.

This year’s headliners include Drake, Jack White, and AC/DC, (Hey! There’s one you’ve heard of! #coolmom) but some other notable artists to namedrop around your kids are Hozier, The Weeknd, Florence and the Machine, and David Guetta.

Coachella begins this weekend, and is considered the kick-off of festival season. So even if your kids didn’t beg you for a pass to this one, they might still hit you up for Stagecoach, EDC, Bonnaroo, Governor’s Ball, Outside Lands, or any of the other dozens in existence.

Also worth noting — Coachella made headlines this year by banning selfie sticks. There’s a trend we wouldn’t mind catching on.

What everyone is doing: SoulCycle

Some people allege that exercising is a euphoric experience. Most folks (ourselves included) don’t see the nirvana in squeezing into some spandex and sweating for 45 minutes in the name of not throwing out a shoulder while zipping up those skinny jeans. Luckily for us, SoulCycle studios now exist, and are on a mission from some higher power to change all that.

Described by one Babble staffer as “a journey through your life and existence in a 45-minute class,” SoulCycle’s signature is in their upbeat music and empowering coaches. “Once you clip into your bike, you don’t clip out,” our staffer continued, which explains the somewhat addictive effect these cycling classes seem to have on participants.

SoulCycle is a favorite of celebrity moms like Katie Holmes, Kyra Sedgwick, and Nicole Richie (see relatable/hilarious video below). It costs a pretty $30 per class, but first sessions go for a marginally more reasonable $20. Find your nearest location here (sorry to Middle America, these studios are only on the coasts for now) and see what all the hype is about. #drinkthekoolaid

What everyone is eating: Kalettes

If history has taught us anything it’s that when two superpowers combine, the resulting force is unstoppable (see: the masterpiece that is “Drunk in Love”; the Justice League). We were more than happy to see history repeat itself in that vein with the kalette, the new kale/Brussels sprouts hybrid.

So, if you were betting that the kale fad was on its way out, now might be the time to accept your losses. Thanks to those mad scientists in the UK, the uber-trendy leafy green’s status is here to stay as the paternal father of this new food craze.

Kalettes can be prepared as either kale or Brussels sprouts would be — the possibilities are near endless. The frankenveggie is already being carried at national grocery store chains, so pick some up and get cooking!



What everyone is posting about: Their “Current Mood”

This week in “What the heck is my teen doing on social media,” we bring you the confounding #CurrentMood trend. As if social media didn’t already give us a front row view of the minutiae of our friends’ and acquaintances’ lives, we can now be updated on the emotional status of these peeps as it happens in real-time.

Have a feeling? There’s a gif/selfie/meme/emoji for that.

This trend may actually come in handy for parents. We’ll never be able to read our teens’ minds, but we can read their Tweets. If your daughter posts something like:

You’ll know it’s probably not the best time to ask about her boyfriend, Kyle.

Our Current Mood: surprisingly jazzed about this.

Other things you should know about …

  • Late night comedy shows are getting a new face this week … or two new faces to be exact. Grace Helbig is trying to fill the void Chelsea Handler left in E!’s lineup, with her eponymous show premiering this Friday. And Trevor Noah was just announced as the new host of The Daily Show, taking the reins from Jon Stewart.
  • Heinz and Kraft, the Montagues and Capulets of condiments, have made peace and merged.
  • If you haven’t already, you should start dying your Easter eggs with a silk scarf, because that’s how Martha does it.
  • Hashtag to start using: #droptheplus. This movement seeks to end the labeling of models who wear above a size 4 as “plus sized.” It’s already gained some traction, but body-friendly causes like this deserve all the awareness they can get.

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