Popcorn Break: This Week in Pop Culture

Pop culture today is a mystery. I mean, why have adults reverted to wearing diaper-like pants? What the heck is a Gigi Hadid? And do we like Justin Bieber now? Did we ever?

Keeping up with the Kardashians times is practically a full-time job. One that loses priority when you’re trying to feed your baby, drive your kids to their 17 extracurriculars, and make your teen put their iPhone down to make eye contact with you once a day.

We talked to some reputable sources and rounded up five-ish hot topics you can bring up on the sidelines of the soccer field or if you just need a little mental popcorn break…

What everyone is saying: bae

BAE = before anyone else. It’s the newest, coolest way to say babe, because that extra “b” is so 2013 and way too hard to pronounce when there are Snapchat selfies to be sent.

Bae can be a noun (Jake Gyllenhaal is my bae) or an adjective (This corn muffin is bae). The Internet would also like to point out that bae is the Danish word for poop. Do with that what you will.

What everyone is watching: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


The latest series from Tina Bae Fey has everyone rooting for cult-survivor Kimmy Schmidt (played by Ellie Kemper, our favorite chipper ginger from The Office and Bridesmaids), because females are strong as hell.

After being rescued from the underground bunker where she was kept prisoner for 15 years, Kimmy moves to New York City and attempts to regain her freedom one relentlessly yellow cardigan at a time.

The entire first season is on Netflix, so you can binge-watch after the kids are in bed.

What everyone is wearing: bucket bags

Image Credit: Mango 
Image Credit: Mango 

Remember when you hurriedly shoved your car keys, a banana and your wallet into the nearest receptacle and called it a purse? Of course you do, that was yesterday morning.

Turns out you were on the forefront of the latest fashion must-have: bucket bags.

Intentionally devoid of structure, pockets, or any organizational strategy at all, these cuties have been popping up everywhere from the Kendall & Kylie collection to the Wall Street Journal. Their next likely appearance? Your daughter’s wish list. Take heed.

What everyone is obsessed with: pineapple prints.

Here’s a sentence we never thought we’d type: Spongebob Squarepants is quite the trendsetter. Or rather, his pineapple home is. This aesthetic fruit is the new it-print.

Track those babies down fast though, because timing is everything with trends like these. You don’t want this to play out like the floral harem pants era of May 17th– May 31st 2014. When we showed up to that June 1st PTA meeting in them, we were mortified. #neverforget

Other things you should know about:

  • Adult coloring books are a certified thing now.
  • So are pizza cones.
  • March 26 is National Spinach Day, or as our kids call it, National “I’m Not Gonna Eat That” Day.
  • The Paper Towns trailer was released last week, which gives you about 4 months to figure out what it’s about before you’re inevitably dragged to the theater (or so you can follow along when you’re not invited to the theater but have to listen the kids go on and on about it in the ride home afterwards).

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