After 11 Years of Infertility, Couple Spills Baby News to MIL — Leaving Her Adorably Confused

Countless couples have used the “bun in the oven” euphemism to somehow spill the beans about their pregnancy to friends and family. But in a recent viral video, the adorable play on words became the center of a hilarious misunderstanding when a young couple tried to tell one of their moms that she’s about to become a grandmother … and she didn’t quite get the hint.

The video was shared on Facebook January 2 by Shantelle Dozier, who explains the touching backstory to her happy news in the caption: “After 11 years of infertility, I had to keep my pregnancy secret for a while,” wrote Shantelle. “Now, I can finally share this jewel with all of you.”

Before filming the video, Shantelle put a hot dog bun in the oven and waited for her mother-in-law, Cynthia Fischer Dozier, to find it. But when she finally did, she was more than a little confused.

“Who put a bun in the oven?” Cynthia repeats in the video, while holding the hot dog roll. She asks a few more times before turning to her son and asking, “Did you put a bun in the oven?”

“Well, maybe not that oven,” he quips back.

After a few moments, Cynthia finally realizes that the funny joke is actually a message for her: She’s about to become a grandmother.

(Seriously, pass the tissues!)

“We knew we needed to surprise her, and talked about it for a few days,” Shantelle tells Babble. “I am terrible at keeping secrets, so on the day of my first blood screening I told my husband that we were telling our parents that day. No more waiting. I had seen a few other bun in the oven announcements and I knew that this would be the perfect way get a little laugh out of the situation. I knew that she would be confused at first.”

And it turns out, there was even more good news to come: The happy couple is expecting TWINS!

“My initial blood screen showed that my HCG levels were highly elevated, so my OB told me to prepare for the possibility of multiples,” she shares. “We joked about it but I never thought it would was real until I saw the two flickers of heartbeat on the ultrasound. It was an indescribable feeling.”

So far, Shantelle says the babies are healthy and the couple is settling into a happy pregnancy. And she couldn’t be more overjoyed about it.

“My pregnancy is progressing very quickly with twins,” she shares. “At 8 weeks, I am already forming a small belly and I am proudly showing it off everywhere I go. For years I researched and Googled and thought of the reveals that I would use for my husband, for my family, for my job, etc., but when it came down to it I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to tell everyone. I just started saying it. I guess this was the thing I looked forward to the most.”

Congrats to the Dozier family!

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