Prince George Only Put One Thing on His Christmas List, and It’s Pretty Adorable

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Prince George is already one lucky little guy, being the heir to the British throne and all. But it looks like even 4-year-old royals still have a few things to add to their wish lists. Or make that one very special thing.

On a recent two-day trip to Finland, George’s father Prince William just so happened to rub shoulders with Father Christmas himself while visiting a market in Helsinki. Naturally, he didn’t hesitate to deliver his son’s Christmas list, once he was face-to-face with the big guy.

“I’ve seen you and I had to give you this letter,” Prince William reportedly told Santa, according to People magazine. That’s when he handed him George’s Christmas list, which one thing written on it: a police car.

I mean … how cute is that?!

prince william
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After all, when you’re writing a letter to Santa, it never hurts to go big, right? But even little George was smart enough to justify his request, boldly circling “NICE” instead of “naughty” at the top of the letter, where he was asked about his behavior this year.

Plus, despite having five whole lines to list all his toy requests, little George left all but one spot blank. (Clever way to box Santa in, kid!) That little detail wasn’t lost on his dad, who totally backed his son up by telling Santa, “He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably okay.”

Signing the letter “Love, George” with some seriously adorable 4-year-old penmanship, it’s hard to imagine anyone saying no to the little guy. I assume he won’t be getting a real police car come December 25, but then again, he is the future King of England …

Guess we’ll leave that one strictly between George and Santa.

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