64 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Project Runway’, Season 16, Episode 8

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Well, here we are: Eight weeks into Season 16 of Project Runway, and we have finally reached the episode we didn’t know we needed: A head-to-head showdown between the world’s most inseparable twins, Claire and Shawn.

At the end of last week’s episode, the twins were pitted against each other for a surprise elimination challenge, after the judges caught wind of all the help they’d been giving each other — and now, they’ve only got ONE HOUR to complete a full look. Honestly, just the idea of a one-hour challenge is stressing me out, and these two are the most stressed out people I’ve ever seen in my life. I cannot even begin to imagine the meltdown that is about to take place on screen. (And by that I mean Shawn. Mostly Shawn.)

Okay, enough procrastinating — LET’S. DO. THIS.

  1. Heidi: “I shouldn’t really have to say this, but you cannot help one another.” — Ouch. They get it, Heidi. No need to rub more salt in the wound.
  2. (Of course, they will totally not abide by that rule, but they get it.)
  3. Oh god, eight minutes in and Shawn’s already in full-on freakout mode. PULL IT TOGETHER, SHAWN!
  4. She is like a giant puddle of tears and cotton knit jersey right now.
  5. She just keeps draping and draping and getting nowhere. I feel like this episode is going to end with Shawn’s model walking down the runway in some kind of gray hooded Snuggie.
  6. OMG dress forms are being thrown.
  7. Okay, she’s really starting to stress me out, I think I might vom.
  8. Shawn: “Where’s Tim?!” — OMG what is going to happen?
  9. WHAT.
  10. WHAT.
  12. Okay, I have to be honest, that was a plot twist I didn’t see coming. I thought this whole episode was going to be an hour of Shawn crying while clutching her dress form.
  13. Shawn: “It’s frustrating that it has to be us against each other.” — Okay, real talk, though: You went on a design show where there could only be one winner … you were literally in competition with each other every damn week. Is it really THAT tragic to see one of you go home? I mean, it was going to happen eventually!
  14. Oh gosh, they’re going to talk to the judges. It’s really happening now.
  16. Kate Dillon: “One of the most profound things you can do when you love someone is let them go … ” — Okay guys, I think we all need to calm down. This is turning into some kind of Nicholas Sparks made-for-TV movie.
  17. Kate’s crying. Everyone’s crying. I’M crying.
  19. Okay, new day, new design challenge. Maybe Claire will deal with Shawn’s departure better than we think …
  20. Hmm … nope, she’s still pretty emotional.
  21. So the winning design print will go on a Dixie cup? Well that’s certainly different.
  22. Kenya to her client: “You got cute curves! You gotta let ‘em know!” — I need Kenya to show up in my bedroom every morning when I’m getting ready and just shout motivational phrases at me.
  23. Claire to her client: “So last week, my twin sister went home … ” — Oh god, here we go … She’s your client, not your shrink! Keep it together!
  24. Wait a minute. Claire’s ruched top looks MIGHTY familiar …
  25. Oof, yep. It’s basically Margarita’s dress that she just complimented at the beginning of the show.
  26. Oh man, Margarita’s gonna throw DOWN. She has literally ran to tattle on Claire to everyone in the work room.
  27. “Sorry, I don’t get involved with all this drama … ” — Batani wants NO PART of this.
  28. Side note from the drama, though: I’m excited for Michael’s jumper.
  29. Kenya: “Am I the only person on earth who eats popcorn with hot sauce and a spoon like it’s cereal?” — Yes, I do believe you are alone on an island by yourself with that one, Kenya.
  30. Omg Kenya’s client Michelle is delightful. Can she be my grandma?
  31. Michelle: “I’ve adopted her and she’ll be coming to Thanksgiving with us.” — Be still, my heart.
  32. Ah, Tim’s already here for check-ins!
  33. Poor Kentaro, Tim totally just knocked the wind out of his sails over that slip dress.
  34. LOL to the visible sigh of relief Ayana’s client took when Tim ix-nayed the pants-under-the-dress look.
  35. Hot take on Margarita’s print: Anyone else getting some major Saved By the Bell vibes? I feel like I’m hanging out at The Max.
  36. Tim to Batani: “This dress is a gray shroud.” — YIKES. (But also: accurate.)
  37. Something about Kenya’s peplum look is feeling a bit … Mary Poppins meets Barbie’s color palette? All she’s missing is a top hat and an umbrella, TBH.
  38. Watching Margarita watch Claire get feedback from Tim is giving me life right now. Side-eye for DAYS.
  39. Seriously though: It totally did look like Margarita’s dress when she first started, but now that she’s chopped off the sleeves and made it a cropped blouse … I mean, time to lay down your sword Margarita. Also: you didn’t invent ruching.
  40. Oo0 Kentaro’s really turning up the volume on that slip dress. * Snaps *
  41. Brandon: “$25,000 is more than I make … basically in a whole year, almost.” — OMG I’m sorry Michael, but I may have to abandon you on this one in hopes Brandon wins.
  42. Wait, have we even seen Brandon’s look yet? Why is that still a mystery?
  43. Woah, are Margarita and Michael really talking smack about Claire in Spanish RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER?
  44. Guys, I feel so awkward right now and I’m not even there.
  45. In related news, Margarita’s look is crashing and burning right now. Perhaps she should have been focused on her own design and not shooting Claire so many dagger looks.
  46. Ayana: “I need that $25,000 in my life, like I need it right now.” — Girl, you and me both.
  47. I was so excited for Michael’s jumper … what in the fresh hell happened there?
  48. Oh no, and Kenya: How did this look get even more Mary Poppinsy since we last saw you?
  49. Michael’s throwing so much shade at Claire’s pants right now. All the shade.
  50. Yay, Yolanda from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a guest judge!
  51. OMG Margarita, don’t tell them you have a crap look before they even seen it.
  52. I just realized we never saw Amy’s outfit until this moment. Initial thoughts: Meh.
  53. I gotta say, out of all of these looks, Claire’s is actually the only one I’d actually buy.
  54. JK, Kentaro’s dress is gorge.
  55. Oh man the SHADE Michael and Margarita are throwing at Claire on this runway …
  56. Heidi: “Margarita, what was so distracting in the work room? We want to know.” — Oh god. Oh god. We’re going there.
  57. Margarita: “I wasn’t raised to throw people under the bus.” — On second though, we’re apparently not going there.
  58. Watching them all wait for the judge’s decision and talk around the GIANT elephant in the room that is Claire is just … yikes.
  59. Woahhhh Claire’s the winner!
  60. … And Michael’s storming off!
  61. Michael: “It has nothing to do with the design, it has to do with what’s going on behind the scenes … “
  62. Oh guys, this is getting gooooood.
  63. Wait, WHAT? How is the episode already over?! I wanted to see Michael spill all the tea to Tim, and now I gotta wait ’til next week?
  64. Sigh. I feel cheated.

Okay, well that was a wild ride I wasn’t expecting. But honestly, I loved every minute of it. And I honestly can’t wait to watch it ALL go down next week.

… ’til next time!

You can catch more episodes of Project Runway every Thursday at 9/8 central on Lifetime.

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