Project Runway Finale Sneak Peek: 19 Images From Fashion Week

Spoiler Alert: This post contains images from the Project Runway Finale at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

If you attended Fashion Week, you saw eight designers from Project Runway Season 12 present their designs. By the time we watch the episode at home, we will know who the real contenders are. This could be a final three, or the judges could surprise us with a final four again like they did in Season 10. I’ve been watching every week, and I have a few designer favorites. I can not imagine the amount of pressure these guys are under to come up with beautiful creations under such unusual and stressful conditions!

It’s actually pretty wonderful that Project Runway allows so many contestants to show during Fashion Week. While they aren’t actual finalists, it does give the designers show experience and exposure.

Put on your runway music and let’s get to hot stepping — here comes the sneak peak from the Project Runway finale…

19 Images from the Project Runway Finale

  • Spoiler Alert: Images from Project Runway Finale Ahead! 1 of 20
    Project Runway Finale: Images from Fashion Week

    This is your final spoiler alert! (If you decide you just can't handle seeing the designs before the episode airs, there is no judgement. How about you check out some of these quirky celebrity perfumes, you know, just to get your pop culture fix.)

  • Heidi, Zac, Nina, and Kerry make their entrance 2 of 20

    Cue the wind machines! Project Runway host Heidi Klum and Season 12 judges Zac Posen and Nina Garcia strut out with celebrity guest judge Kerry Washington. 

  • Kerry Washington 3 of 20

    Kerry, wearing a Stella McCartney dress, was excited about being a judge and tweeted before her entrance, #HereComesTheJudge.

  • Heidi Klum 4 of 20

    Heidi wore a dress designed by Max Azria for the Project Runway fashion show. Heidi was also tweeting during the show, and she shared a sweet photo of herself with Kerry. 

  • Heidi rocks the mic 5 of 20

    During Fashion Week, Heidi won the Fashion Television Personality of the Year Award from Fashion Week Daily.

  • Kisses for Heidi and Tim 6 of 20

    Heidi and Tim Gunn have been together through 12 seasons. This was the first year Tim was invited to sit in on the judging. He was also given the opportunity to save a designer if he felt the judges made a mistake. Tim used the save to rescue Justin LeBlanc in Episode 6.

  • Alexander Pope 7 of 20

    Alexander opened the show. Alexander sounds like he was an amazing opening. Newsday reports, "Alexander Pope started the runway show at New York Fashion Week with a bang -- dresses with wings, sleeves full of feathers and the grand finale: a model covered in fabric who swiftly unwrapped herself at the end of the runway to reveal a giant, Medusa-like headpiece."

  • Alexander Pope’s Wow Moment 8 of 20

    Oh ... right. I see what you meant there, Newsday.

  • Alexander Pope’s Collection 9 of 20

    I love the bold blue Alexander used in his collection, and the eyebrow moment is pretty great. I do feel like this first model is missing something...

  • Bradon McDonald 10 of 20

    Bradon is a serious crowd favorite. He has lots of super fans on social media, plus he's adorable. That moment when he proposed to his boyfriend in an episode, and then called his boyfriend only to have his boyfriend propose to HIM? Loved it.

  • Bradon McDonald’s Collection 11 of 20

    Bradon's collection was mostly feminine and floral, and said to have been inspired by crocus flowers. 

  • Jeremy Brandrick 12 of 20

    Jeremy is a passionate family man far from home putting his heart and soul into every piece, every week. 

  • Jeremy Brandrick’s Collection 13 of 20

    Jeremy's collection, in a color palette of white, black, and grey, has been described as sophisticated "ready to wear." I am not sure if that will make the cut.

  • Helen Castillo 14 of 20

    Helen certainly surprised me this season. I honestly did not expect her to last this long, and I certainly didn't expect her to start winning challenges without being propped up by Kate.

  • Helen Castillo’s Collection 15 of 20

    Helen has decided to go with just a touch of red. Okay, maybe a lot of red. The other material is a print and has a bit of a nod to acid washed jeans. Sally Turner from IBT said Helen's collection had "a romantic feel with a vampire flair."

  • Dom Streater 16 of 20

    DOM!! I adore her. I just do. It's probably because she wears a D during every runway show, and I feel a "D name" connection to her. I also have always loved her infusion of fun into everything she has presented.

  • Dom Streater’s Collection 17 of 20

    When I first saw this image from Fashion Week, I gasped. Oh WOW is this lead dress beautiful! Oh yes, I am rooting for this girl.

  • Kate Pankoke 18 of 20

    Kate is another designer I have been rooting for this season. She has stayed true to her design path and stayed out of ridiculous fights. This is as much of her collection as you will get to see before the finale airs. It seems very romantic and regal ... very Kate.

  • Alexandria von Bromssen 19 of 20

    Alexandria is such a quirky designer. I love this image of her as she is so clearly caught up in the enormity of the moment. There are no photos of Alexandria's collection, so surmise what you can from this image. I see: a hat...

  • Justin LeBlanc 20 of 20

    Justin, aka the Tim save, seems to have presented a collection in black and white. With feathers. This big finish gown is stunning, and it looks so light and whimsical. I can't wait to see his complete collection.

Image Credit: PR Photos
Sources: NewsDay, IBT, Daily News

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