49 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Project Runway,’ Season 16, Episode 7

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Well folks, here we are: Episode 7! Where has the time gone? Last week we watched the designers create looks for their models — with varying degrees of success. Margarita whipped up some kind of questionable Aaliyah-inspired number, the twins got (sorta) busted for helping each other out too much on their designs, and we sadly said goodbye to Samantha, for once again creating a dress that the judges liked less than the one she was wearing.

This week’s challenge? The episode is titled “The Ultimate Face-Off,” which naturally has me intrigued. Apparently, the remaining contestants will be using menswear as inspiration when creating their next look — and something tells me Brandon is gonna knock this one out of the park.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Not gonna lie, I’m enjoying the major shade Margarita’s throwing Shawn’s way for basically making a “knock-off” look last week. YOU TELL HER, MARGARITA!
  2. (Or at least just complain about it to a producer during your one-on-one.)
  3. “I just wanna touch ’em, I don’t wanna dress ’em.” — Sounds like Kenya and I have some similar thoughts on the male species.
  4. Everyone looks less than thrilled about doing another team challenge. (Shout-out to Ayana’s audible gasp.)
  5. Yay for Team Kentaro and Brandon! (Team Brantaro?) The bromance continues.
  6. (Also: Who else’s heart totally melted at Kentaro saying “my brother Brendan”?)
  7. Oh look, Claire picked Shawn as her teammate! SHOCKER.
  8. As the great Clark W. Griswold once said, “If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.”
  9. How did I know Shawn would immediately comment on her model’s “curvaceous” shape? * Groan *
  10. Shawn: “It’s FALL, Claire! It’s FALL.” — Guys, I think Shawn’s really concerned her sister doesn’t know what season it is.
  11. OMG it’s Swatch’s birthday! AND HE HAS HIS VERY OWN CROWN.
  12. I’d seriously like to come back in another life as this dog.
  13. Kenya to Kentaro: “Your first vagina.” — DEAD. I am dead.
  14. I’m already loving the oversized hoodie concept Team Kentaro is working on. Maybe that’s because I work from home and basically live in hoodies and pajama pants 24/7 …
  15. Ooo sensing a little tension between Kenya and Amy? That could get awkward.
  16. Time out: How can Shawn say she doesn’t know how to design for her model because she doesn’t “have her body”? She wants to be a designer … isn’t that literally the whole point? To design for people other than yourself? I’m at a loss.
  17. Favorite part of the show so far: Michael totally ghosting Claire in the sewing room.
  18. Ah, here comes Tim for the check-in! His grimaces are everything.
  19. Tim: “It looks like a hospital gown.” — I’m guessing that’s not the response Ayana was looking for.
  20. Guys, we have reached a point in time where Brandon and Kentaro are actually finishing each other’s sentences. Amazing.
  21. I gotta say, Michael mentally plotting the demise of Team Brantaro is pretty comical.
  22. Eeek could Tim’s check-in with Claire and Shawn be any more awkward? LET CLAIRE SPEAK, SHAWN!
  23. Wait, Shawn is copying Kentaro’s boot leggings for her look? Here we go again …
  24. Ah, 30 minutes left! The clock is ticking — hurry your asses, people!
  25. I feel like Kenya and Amy are heading for a break down in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …
  26. Oh Amy, if looks could kill, you’d be gone, girl.
  27. Okay, it’s Day 2 now — so maybe …
  28. Nope, they’re still fighting.
  29. “I mean, it’s JCPenny, it ain’t church!” — Kenya has the best one-liners, hands down.
  30. Of course Claire is still working when time’s up. THERE’S NO MORE TIME, CLAIRE.
  31. Ooo Asia Kate Dillon from Billions is the guest judge? LOVE HER.
  32. I’m a little meh on how Michael and Ayana’s looks turned out TBH. I think Tim’s hospital gown comment pretty much sums up that first dress.
  33. Kenya and Amy: Hmmm … I mean, that “flight attendant” ensemble looks pretty chic.
  34. No surprise: Kentaro and Brandon’s looks are totally on point. And look comfy AF.
  35. One word for Shawn and Claire’s looks: Oof.
  36. For the record, I would totally buy Batani’s coat dress.
  37. Ooo and Margarita’s!
  38. OK, the twins are in the bottom two groups again.
  39. Annnd so are Amy and Kenya, which makes sense since they fought for most of the challenge.
  40. Zac to the twins: “The world doesn’t need this.”
  41. Heidi to the twins: “I would feel sad for people on the street to walk around looking like that.”
  42. OUCH.
  43. Though Amy and Kenya getting told their looks “feel like flight attendant rejections from the seventies” and are “whackadoodle” … Yikes, that’s not much better.
  44. Oh YAY, Margarita won the overall challenge. She totally redeemed herself after that Aaliyah costume last week.
  45. Oh man, one of the twins is going home — how will they function on their own?!
  46. Wait, what? A head-to-head challenge? Right NOW?
  47. Plottttt twistttttt.
  48. OMG next week is going to be so cray. Breakdowns in the sewing room … Claire and Shawn running around like chickens with their heads cut off … Claws OUT.
  49. I CAN’T WAIT.

You can catch more episodes of Project Runway every Thursday at 9/8 central on Lifetime.

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