49 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Project Runway,’ Season 16, Episode 4

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Here we are again, guys! By the looks of this week’s Project Runway teaser, Episode 4 appears to be full of sleepovers, New York’s finest (hello), and a healthy dose of competitive tension and stress-sweating (okay, make that a LOT of it).

Who’s ready to get their Tim Gunn on? * Raises Hand *

  1. Here come Heidi and Tim with some … backpacks? Cue the nervous laughter.
  2. OK, scratch that. Looks like we’re not going to find out what’s in this mystery backpack right away. My imagination is running wild …
  3. Ooo first they have to create a look for Heidi’s intimate sleepwear line. Ohhhhh la la.
  4. Heidi says there’s only one rule: to make the sleepwear look fashionable. *Looks down at old college sweatpants and mustard-stained sleep shirt with shame. Feels bad for husband. *
  5. Aaaaand here comes the catch: They have to create their own textiles BY HAND.
  6. Kenya has got a major deer-in-headlights thing going on, and I’m starting to get some second-hand anxiety myself. (… But also feeling a bit better about my own lack of creative skills?)
  7. OMG and they all get to go to the top of the Empire State Building … AND SLEEP THERE! That sounds terrifying and awesome, all at once.
  8. Brandon gets the award for most chill sleepover guest ever in the history of sleepovers.
  9. Annnnnd of course the twins are freaking out about the height. TAKE A CHILL PILL, LADIES!
  10. Actually, I’m totally scared of heights too, what am I talking about. I would probably vomit immediately if I had to look over the edge.
  11. OK, carry on, sisters.
  12. Michael could not look more adorable in his pajamas.
  13. And of course Tim comes up at dawn with breakfast for everyone in a double-breasted suit. I bet he sleeps in couture.
  14. Prediction: Aaron totally wins this challenge. I just have a feeling. And I’m obsessed with Ayana, so that’s saying a lot.
  15. Kentaro’s piece looks a wee bit like a mass murder … just me?
  16. I’m loving Heidi schooling Shawn on just how hard one-pieces are to get out of quickly … So true. Also, #beenthere #momoffour.
  17. HAH, Deyonte! All hail the va-jay-jay.
  18. Ayana for the sleepwear win! Get it girllll. That was a surprise.
  19. OMG, at this point they all need to just pick a design and stay with it.
  20. Ugh, here we go again with the “this is my first time with a plus-sized model” business. NO Kentaro, not you!
  21. I can’t. Literally can’t.
  22. Hey, Kentaro: Your model wants something to show OFF her body, not hide it! What a novel concept.
  23. Oh gosh, Michael’s crying.
  24. Don’t freak out, Michael! I’m betting on you — you can do this!
  25. Oh lord, it’s Day 2 with only two hours to go. OMYGAWD I’M SO NERVOUS.
  26. Don’t worry, everyone, Tim will save the day!
  27. Too late, everyone’s freaking out.
  28. The twins’ freak out is freaking everyone else out. This is a surprise to literally no one.
  29. Christina, Ayana’s model: “I think she hit it on the nail. Yeah, that’s a saying, right? Hit the head on the nail?” — Hate to break it, Christina, but no it is not.
  30. Just me, or has Kentaro said the word “anal” like a million times in the last 10 minutes? I am not mature enough to handle this.
  31. GAH Tim’s 10-minute countdown always gets my heart pounding.
  32. Awww, I love you, Tim. You always make bad news sound good.
  33. AHHH Demi Lovato’s the guest judge! Love her.
  34. Oh wow, Batani’s line turned out amazing. It almost makes me want to put in an effort at bedtime.
  35. … I said almost. Seriously though, these ladies are rocking it.
  36. For the record, I have never, ever looked this good going to bed.
  37. * Considers throwing college sweatpants in the garbage immediately. *
  38. * Laughs hysterically. *
  39. Ohhhhh, can I change from Team Aaron to Team Kentaro? Is that cheating? I’m digging these looks …
  40. OK, time for the critiques … everybody just breathe.
  41. Heidi to Aaron: “I had such high hopes. What happened?” — Yikes. That’s not good.
  42. Also not good: Aaron’s see-through shorts. I mean, WHAT IS HAPPENING THERE?!
  43. Oh man, Shawn’s safe! Maybe she’ll be less stressed next week.
  44. BAHAHAHA jk.
  45. OK, decision time! This is SO stressful.
  46. Yeah, Michael!
  47. Signs I have zero fashion sense: Aaron’s looks were my fave and he’s now in the bottom two. Obviously this is not my calling.
  48. Oh noooo, Deyonte. * Tear *
  49. I’m not sure I’m emotionally prepared to handle the elimination portion of this show.

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap folks. I, for one, cannot WAIT to tune in next week. Looks like a fancy castle may be in the cards?

You can catch more episodes of Project Runway every Thursday at 9/8 central on Lifetime.

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