65 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Project Runway,’ Season 16, Episode 8

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been all sorts of obsessed with this new season of Project Runway. Last week, the designers got to sleep on the top of the Empire State Building and design a sleepwear collection for Heidi’s Intimates line. Demi Lovato showed up as the guest judge. The twins freaked out (for the bajillionth time). And sadly, we said goodbye to Deyonte.

This week, it looks like the designers will be creating “good” and “evil” looks, inspired by the Disney movie, Descendants 2 — and I kind of can’t wait for all the drama to see what they’ll come up with.

Ready … set … GO:

  1. Ooo, what is this fancy-looking castle we’re at? IS THIS WHERE TIM GUNN LIVES?
  2. JK, apparently there are hidden gothic castles in New York?
  3. I imagine wherever Tim does live totally has this vibe.
  4. Aww, how excited is Michael to be handing out the good and evil cards?
  5. Shawn: “We finally have a challenge where we get two days to sew things, I am so thrilled!” — Girllll, you know you’re still gonna be freaking out in the last 10 minutes! Who are you kidding?
  6. Things that make my day: Swatch’s little dog butt running up those stairs.
  7. I’m always impressed by how efficient the designers are at Mood — the only place I could blow $300 at in 30 minutes flat.
  8. Michael: “I chose this black and gold lace fabric because it really intoxicates me.” Huh, I feel the same way about mac and cheese balls, but literally nothing else.
  9. Whenever Tim does the 5-minute countdown I get a tiny wave of nausea. (Anyone else?)
  10. LOL to Tim calling out that Shawn and Claire are going to be separated for this challenge: “How are you going to handle this?”
  11. My guess? Not well, Tim.
  12. Can I just say, Brandon and Kentaro’s blossoming bromance has been a beautiful thing to witness.
  13. Hmm … so let me get this straight: Margarita’s stressed because she’s dressing a plus-sized model for the first time ever … but also crying to her parents on the phone because she designs “for the real woman” to make them feel “awesome” and “beautiful.” THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, MARGARITA!
  14. * Googles * “I’m trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents” — Did Kenya just drop some Master P?
  15. Tim to Brandon: “You’re very consistently full of the unexpected.” — LOL, that’s one way of putting it.
  16. Uh-oh, Tim’s giving Claire’s glittery princess dress the furrowed brow, which can only mean one thing: He is not a fan.
  17. Oh my, what in God’s name is going on with all those birds, Amy?
  18. Amy: “Maybe the birds just have to fly away … “
  19. Yes, yes I believe they do.
  20. Faves so far: Love Batani’s dress, love Kenya’s tuxedo … confused by what poor Aaron has been doing for the last two days.
  21. Shawn: “It’s a little … Miss Moppet.” (For once I agree with you, Shawn.)
  22. Guys, I’m starting to have deep concerns that Kentaro may be colorblind.
  23. Kentaro: “I’m not sure what I’m doing.” Well, that much is definitely clear.
  24. Aww, Samantha’s backstory is getting me a bit emosh!
  25. Tim: “This looks like a big craft project.”
  26. Ouch. (I’d say it looks more like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, but touché, Tim.)
  27. Kenya: “I just hate a jacked up crotch.” Seriously, there are few fates worse than a jacked up crotch.
  28. Favorite moment so far: Michael twirling around in Amy’s weird cape thing while saying, “I feel expensiveeeee.”
  29. Oooo, I love the insider gossip that all the models have a crush on Brandon! Must be the man bun.
  30. Wait, I take it back! New favorite moment: Kentaro giving the thumbs up to the camera. (Did anyone else catch that?!) Heart = melted.
  31. Serious question: How do the twins make real life decisions apart from one another? Or does that just never happen?
  32. OMG, how is Aaron just starting to cut fabric?! WE HAVE TWO HOURS LEFT IN THE DAY, AARON.
  33. Okay, Claire needs to slow her roll. Not sure she should be knocking Brandon’s look when all she has is a bunch of glittery pieces of tulle sewn together over shorts.
  34. Oh here we are, right on schedule: The twins are running around the sewing room like it’s the end of days.
  35. Ah! It’s already runway time! (Why do I always get second-hand anxiety for these people?)
  36. Hmm … digging this black leather dress by Shawn, as much as it pains me to say.
  37. And I’m gonna go ahead and take everything I said about Kentaro’s dress back — it is lovely.
  38. Um, what was Margarita so worried about? Her dress turned out AWESOME.
  39. Brandon: Getting a bit of an oversized straitjacket vibe?
  40. Eeek, Aaron’s dress looks like a store full of pink party streamers blew up. Tim is not pleased.
  41. Oh god, think his model might be nude before she reaches the end of the runway …
  42. Michael’s lace number is straight-up FIERCE.
  43. I feel like Amy’s shiny cape thing would double as an excellent couch Snuggie, no?
  44. OMG, all hail Batani. LOVE THIS.
  45. Guys, Claire is “quite pleased” with herself. (In case you couldn’t tell from the multiple times she’s mentioned it.)
  46. Ayana: “The top half I’m in love with, the bottom half I’m not really sure what happened.” Yeah, that perfectly sums up my thoughts as well.
  47. Kenya’s tuxedo = 100%
  48. Judgment time! AKA: I have the nervous sweats.
  49. So I’m trying to pay attention to Brandon’s defense of his look and all, but I can’t stop staring at his red socks and sandals. Can you really ever trust the fashion sense of a man who wears socks and sandals?
  50. LOL, OMG! Heidi called him out on his straitjacket look, too.
  51. Wait, what?! She loves it?
  52. So does everyone else? I don’t get fashion.
  53. Zac to Claire: “It looks like Cinderella on her day off” — Accurate.
  54. Oof, could Heidi have knocked the wind out of Kenya’s sails any more at the beginning of that critique? Yikes.
  55. “I don’t like your fabric choice; it’s just ugly.” Zac’s critiques could leave me crying tears into my pillow at night.
  56. Dreading the verbal lashing Aaron is about to get for that streamer explosion of a dress …
  57. Oh god, Heidi’s face right now, I can’t.
  58. Nina: “It looks like a child actually put together this dress.” — Harsh, but true.
  59. Okay, it’s time, everyone! *Puts on best Heidi voice* Who’s IN and who’s OUT?
  60. Whaaaa, I can’t believe Brandon won. MICHAEL WAS ROBBED.
  61. Now for the loser: I’m not usually a betting woman, but I’m gonna go ahead and put my money on Aaron.
  62. Aaaaaand there it is.
  63. LOL to Shawn looking overly shocked that Aaron’s out.
  64. Eye roll to Claire saying she’s “not going to grovel” and doesn’t “deserve” to be in the bottom three anyway — JUST TAKE THE CRITIQUE, CLAIRE.
  65. Aww, I always get the sads when Tim comes in for the farewell.

’Til next time, guys!

You can catch more episodes of Project Runway every Thursday at 9/8 central on Lifetime.

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