‘Pumpkin Houses’ Are Apparently a Thing Because We Are Officially Obsessed with Fall

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but it’s officially fall, y’all.

I often forget that fact myself — because despite the all of the pumpkin spice lattes I’ve been sipping lately, I live in New York, where the last month has been a humid, sweltering mess of ANYTHING BUT CRISP FALL WEATHER. (And I’m only slightly bitter about it.)

But apparently, in other parts of the country, people are carrying on with their regularly scheduled fall activities, doing fall things in fall clothing — and not in fact sweating while waiting for the subway and praying for sweater weather to arrive.

Like the people who are building entire houses out of pumpkins, for example. Apparently, those people exist, and I do believe they are owed a round of applause for their efforts.

Pumpkin houses, in case you’re wondering, are typically wood-framed structures decorated to the max with pumpkins (and even sometimes gourds) to create an epic display of fall-dom. And by the looks of Instagram, they’re cropping up at state fairs and pumpkin patches across the country.

Image Source: Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

Forget saving up for a 4-bedroom Colonial with a sky-high mortgage — I think my new dream is to live inside a pumpkin house all year round.

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