Rachel Zoe is Tested as a Full-Time Working Mom

zoeThe 2 years since the last Rachel Zoe Project aired has been BANANAS. In fact, BANANAS is not even a thing anymore.

Rachel had a baby, expanded her business, and launched her own designer line.  The Rachel Zoe Project’s premier of season 5 gave us a taste of Rachel’s new life as a working mom, and it was MAJ. (Short for major, obvs.)

Here’s how she’s holding it together as a working mom:

First and foremost, Rachel got bangs. What new mom hasn’t impetuously gotten bangs! When her husband Rodger notices he says what every dutiful husband should say when his wife impetuously cuts bangs: “I love!”

Re: Rodger. “I love!”

The inspiration for Rachel Zoe’s new line is “Jane Birkin-tomboy cool” with nothing “too girly.” Nothing too girly? Having a baby boy is bringing out the butch side of Rachel!

Speaking of butch, her adorable little Skyler is not. Rachel loves to dress her son up like a French baby in rompers and sandals. Her husband Rodger laments the fact with his buds, “My son wears bloomers.” He gets it, though, that Rachel gave birth to the baby and can dress him how she wants.

Case in point: Rachel and Rodger cute-fight about her buying a Burberry jacket for Skyler. Rodger gives in.

Rachel has revamped her wardrobe for motherhood. After Skyler was born she said that she wears “more black because I tend to get things spilled on me all the time. I need my clothes to be more durable and a little less precious.”

Rachel’s “less precious” is my “most fancy ever,” but her point is valid.

It appears that having a baby has chilled Rachel out a bit. She totally ran into her old assistant Brad at the Prabal show and they totally ignored each other. I die! So, they are not on speaking terms—but they are not on cat fight terms either. Being a blissed out mom is so sweet. 

Rachel feels like the success of her collection is the ultimate test of her as a full-time working mom. But I think that’s too much pressure to put on herself. She did it. She’s doing it. Her baby is happy and bonded to her. She and Rodger are involved, doting parents. Whether her line flops or not, Rachel has gained new perspective as a mom.

I love the little glimpse into the fashion world of dressing people and spending thousands on shoes, but it’s pretty fun to see Rachel’s foray into a world I’m familiar with—parenting The episode ends with Rachel musing,”I assume everyone thinks their child is the most maj thing since sliced bread.”


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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