Raven-Symone Comes Out, Joins Young Hollywood Out and Proud

Many of us think of Raven-Symone as the adorable Olivia on The Cosby Show, or maybe as the fantabulous Raven Baxter on That’s So Raven. Now you can think of Raven-Symoné as an advocate for young gay Hollywood as the actress has just come out on Twitter.

Some wondered if her Tweet was really a coming out. After statements released by her representatives and then by the actress herself it is clear, Raven-Symoné is out and proud!

In a statement the actress said, “I am very happy that gay marriage is opening up around the country and is being accepted. I was excited to hear today that more states legalized gay marriage. I, however am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to.”

Last year Entertainment Weekly covered what they are calling the new “art of coming out.” In a piece perfectly called “By the Way, We’re Gay,” Mark Harris says, “Fifteen years ago, when the star of a popular TV comedy decided to come out of the closet, it was big news. Not just big: It was the cover of Time magazine; a major story on Oprah, Primetime Live, and CNN; and the subject of a New York Times editorial.”

Now celebrities are coming out with a shrug as if to say, “What? You didn’t know?”

I think “by the way gay” is becoming the normal announcement for the younger generation. I think it’s wonderful!

  • Young and Out in Hollywood 1 of 18
    Young and out in Hollywood

    These days young Hollywood stars come out softly or they come out with a bang! Find out how some of our favorite young stars came out.


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  • Raven-Symone 2 of 18

    Raven-Symoné came out on Twitter last week. With a BANG! Her tweet read, "I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you"


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  • Adam Lambert 3 of 18

    Adam came out on the cover of Rolling Stone.  Adam says, "I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay. I'm proud of my sexuality. I embrace it. It's just another part of me."


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  • Anna Paquin 4 of 18

    Anna came out as a bisexual a few months before she married her husband, and True Blood costar, Stephen Moyer.  In talking about her coming out Anna says, "For me, it's not really an issue because I'm someone who believes being bisexual is actually a thing. It's not made up. It's not a lack of decision."


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  • Chris Colfer 5 of 18

    Chris plays openly gay teen Kurt on Glee. The most official moment of coming out for Chris was an appearance on Chelsea Lately where, in response to Chelsea congratulating him for being gay and playing an openly gay character Chris simply says, "thank you."


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  • Chely Wright 6 of 18

    Chely came out in what she calls a one-two punch Today Show appearance and People magazine cover. She chronicled the story of her coming out in a documentary called Wish Me Away. She has expressed her sadness over how few country music singers have supported her coming out. "I wonder why they can't see the value that I told my biggest secret — particularly when you think it might get you excommunicated from your house of worship, your social circles and your industry."


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  • Drew Barrymore 7 of 18

    Drew was in a relationship with Sassy magazine editor Jane Pratt (I KNOW!!) and has publicly identified as bisexual. Drew has said, "A woman and a woman together are beautiful, just as a man and a woman together are beautiful."


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  • Evan Rachel Wood 8 of 18

    In an interview in Esquire magazine Evan Rachel Wood opened up about her bisexuality. "I'm up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl." 


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  • Neil Patrick Harris 9 of 18

    Neil Patrick Harris came out in People Magazine in 2006. In an interview with the magazine he says, "I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love."


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  • Jim Parsons 10 of 18

    In a 2012 interview in the New York Times it is mentioned Jim is in a 10 year relationship. With a man. It has been called a quiet and matter of fact coming out. 


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  • Jillian Michaels 11 of 18

    Jillian came out in an article in Ladies Home Journal when she said, "If I fall in love with a woman, that's awesome. If I fall in love with a man, that's awesome. As long as you fall in love … It's like organic food. I only eat healthy food, and I only want healthy love!"


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  • Lance Bass 12 of 18

    In 2006, after many years of speculation, Lance Bass came out on the cover of People Magazine. After making the decision to go public with his sexuality Lance says, " I'm more liberated and happy than I've been my whole life. I'm just happy."


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  • Lady Gaga 13 of 18

    The hit Pokerface is about Lady Gaga's bisexuality. When asked why her music seems so boy crazy Gaga responds, "I'm girl-crazy too. I really depends on where I am. I love men, I love women and I love sex, but I'm actually pretty introverted right now because I'm so enveloped in my work, and it's hard to let anybody near that."


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  • Zachary Quinto 14 of 18

    When Zachary decided to come out in Hollywood he decided to do it on his own terms. He told movie critic Peter Travers, "I didn't tell anyone I was going to do it so no one had a chance to [give me advice]. I just did it. No one in my life knew."


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  • Megan Fox 15 of 18

    Megan Fox says she is not a lesbian, but she did date a woman. In a GQ article from 2008 Megan says, "I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl. Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands."


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  • Lindsay Lohan 16 of 18

    Lindsay Lohan is a proud, um, will proudly say she has kissed women and once dated a woman, but she thinks she might be straight. Regardless she is considered an out bisexual by many.


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  • Sarah Paulson 17 of 18

    Sarah always considered herself to be an out actress. When Cherry Jones, her girlfriend in 2005, won a Tony for her performance in Doubt, Sarah made headlines by kissing Cherry. 


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  • TR Knight 18 of 18

    TR came out in People and on the Ellen DeGeneres show after a very public incident on the set of Grey's Anatomy where another cast member referred to him using a gay slur.  His official coming out statement read, "While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me."


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