Rodger Berman: 10 Things I Love About You

You may have started watching Bravo’s Rachel Zoe Project an insider’s look at the fashion industry, but you’ll quickly become entranced by Rachel’s mop-headed husband, Rodger. They bicker. They laugh. They get ready. They talk about getting ready.

I am fascinated by Rachel and Rodger’s 21-year relationship. I think  they make a nice couple, especially since most of what you see on reality TV is dysfunctional and shocking.  There’s lots to love about Rodger.

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  • He Likes to Hang Out with his Wife and Son 2 of 11
    He Likes to Hang Out with his Wife and Son
    Even though there is constant dialogue about how busy they are, Rachel and Rodger spend a lot of time together. He goes to work with her, travels with her often, and is her constant +1 to special events. He loves hanging out with his wife.
  • He Wants to be 3 of 11
    He Wants to be
    Even though he loves the perks of Rachel's high-profile job, Rodger always urges her to be normal. He conspired with her sister to get Rachel to slow down when she was pregnant. He is resistant to the idea of buying a 2nd residence in New York. Rodger is a grounding influence on Rachel.
  • He Thinks Rachel is Funny 4 of 11
    He Thinks Rachel is Funny
    Don't let the blue steel fool you—Rodger regularly belly-laughs at Rachel's sarcastic wit.
  • He Knows the Fashion Industry 5 of 11
    He Knows the Fashion Industry
    With an MBA from George Washington University, Rodger went to work as a banker on Wall Street for 8 years. But when Zoe Industries took off, Rodger changed gears and learned the ropes of Rachel's world. That kind of support is rare.
  • He Helps her Walk in Heels 6 of 11
    He Helps her Walk in Heels
    Ever the gentleman, Rodger seems to intuitively understand that his job is to keep Rachel from falling down in those suicide heels she rocks. . . every day.
  • He’s OK With Not Being the Center of Attention 7 of 11
    He's OK With Not Being the Center of Attention
    Even though they bicker sometimes, Rodger seems genuinely happy about Rachel's success and the secondary role he plays in it. He's not jealous. He's part of her team.
  • His Hair is Ridiculous, But He Doesn’t Even Care! 8 of 11
    His Hair is Ridiculous, But He Doesn't Even Care!
    I keep waiting for Team Zoe to address the elephant in the room: Rodger's hair. I mean, he lives with a full-time hair stylist. His wife made her career out of making sure people don't look ridiculous. Rodger, from the neck up, looks like an unwashed leftover from the grunge movement. I don't get it, but I love that he is blase about it!
  • Rodger is a Doting Dad 9 of 11
    Rodger is a Doting Dad
    There's no doubt about it—Rodger is head-over-heels-nuts about his son, Skyler. He jokes about how Rachel dresses him up in frou-frou ways, but he is always the first to exclaim in a proud-dad voice, "Look how CUTE you look!"
  • He Let’s Rachel Dress Him 10 of 11
    He Let's Rachel Dress Him
    Rodger has become a bit of a clothes horse in his own right. Rachel has this to say about Rodger's fussing over outfits: "I want to ruin Rodger's life every time he tortures me about an outfit. But then I realize…I did this to him."
  • He Does Whatever She Says 11 of 11
    He Does Whatever She Says
    Like a good husband should.

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