The Surprise Ending in This ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Video Just Wrecked Us

While we’re all getting increasingly stressed about shopping for gifts and planning parties, it’s easy to forget what matters most this holiday season: giving back. In a mere two minutes, this Rogue One: A Star Wars Story promotional video — created in collaboration with Globe Telecom — has reminded us just how much good can come out of simple acts of kindness.

The video begins with a child stepping out the front door sporting a Stormtrooper helmet. From there we watch her big brother walk her to school and see her attend her classes — never taking off the helmet. Upon first inspection, it would be easy to think Alex is simply shy. Maybe she uses the mask as a way to both show off her Star Wars fanaticism and avoid talking to fellow classmates. We’re pretty much in the dark at this point as to where this is going.

The story continues on, showcasing special moments between Alex and her brother. The two dance together, ride bikes, rehearse “The Imperial March” (duh), and of course watch Rogue One. The support they have for each other is touching, to say the least. (It definitely made me want to stop everything and spend some quality time with my sisters.)

In the next scene, the siblings head off to school together — like any other day. But Alex is about to get the surprise of her life (and so are we!). Big brother goes to leave Alex at her class, only to find that every single student is wearing a matching Stormtrooper helmet. Alex and her brother are clearly taken aback.

Finally, with tears in her eyes, Alex takes off her helmet to reveal that she is sick and needs to wear an oxygen mask all the time. She is then embraced by all of her classmates (as I fall into a puddle of mascara at my desk).

The final message of the film? #CreateCourage. It’s as simple as that. A beautiful reminder to show kindness, not hate, this holiday season.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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