Ronald McDonald Then and Now: Iconic Mascot Gets a Makeover, but Not Everyone Will Be Pleased

“Selfies … here I come! It’s a big world and now, wherever I go and whatever I do … I’m ready to show how fun can make great things happen,” Ronald McDonald declared. And he’s ready to take on the world with a whole new look.

Ronald McDonald has undergone a complete makeover in an apparent attempt to try to become hip, cool, and to join the rest of us here in 2014.

You have to admit, the McDonald’s mascot had a really dated look, one that was in desperate need of an update … and update they did. Ronald McDonald has faded from view, probably in part because of his out-of-date style. In an attempt to boost lagging sales, McDonald’s is returning to their ironic character who they say “represents the magic and happiness.”

Ronald’s new look is definitely hipper. He lost his roomy yellow jumpsuit, instead replaced with a red jacket and a pair of yellow cargo pants. It also seems that he visited the hair salon, debuting a slicker, feathered ‘do. If his outfit was in a different hue, he could be the singer for some indie band or the waiter at that hip bistro in Brooklyn.

And Ronald is apparently ready for his close-up — or in this case — his selfie. The makeover isn’t the only step Ronald is taking in an attempt to be current. He is also participating in social media via Twitter. While the colorful clown won’t have his own account, his social media presence will be seen via already established McDonald’s accounts.

But this makeover won’t please everyone. McDonald’s has been under scrutiny for marketing their fast food to children. In an open letter to McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson from health care professionals, they stated:

“As one marketing expert puts it, “Ronald captures kids’ attention better than anyone else can.” You use Ronald McDonald and other promotions to appeal to kids in environments that informed parents and health professionals can’t constantly monitor from schools to libraries to the internet. Today, your icon is as recognized as Santa Claus, and the McDonald’s model of marketing is used by a range of abusive industries.

McDonald’s and industry front groups have refused to address the dangerous toll that fast food and predatory marketing is taking on our kids.”

What do you think of Ronald’s new look? Are you concerned that he will try to capture your child’s attention?

Photo source: McDonald’s

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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