Royal Birth Announcements Through the Ages

Any moment now we will be greeted with breaking news from the Royal Palace announcing the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child. The safe arrival of a baby into a family is always great news, but the arrival of a royal baby is something people have celebrated for ages.

Historically, heirs have been important to secure kingdoms and maintain peace. Monarchs have been known to go to great lengths to ensure male heirs carry the line. It was just last year that Queen Elizabeth II overturned Britain’s male primogeniture. For ages the oldest son in the UK would “inherit the entire estate of his parents (or nearest ancestor), and, if there was no male heir, the daughters would take (receive the property) in equal shares.”

Laura Barnett of The Guardian was quick to discuss how this would effect the royal baby. Laura says, “let us pause to ponder the significance of the fact that a daughter born first to William and Kate will now automatically inherit the throne, rather than having to give way to her younger brother.”

So many discussions, so much history, and the baby is not even here yet! You can be certain once the royal baby has arrived there will be a fantastic flurry of news and coverage. Not just from the media, but also from the palace! For years royal birth announcements have been dramatic and exciting.

Royal Birth Announcements

  • A Look at Royal Birth Announcements 1 of 9
    A Look at Royal Birth Announcements

    Ascension Island featured Queen Elizabeth II with infant Prince Charles to honor the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee. I don't know anyone else who would get such a coin. Ever.


    Image Credit: Amazon, author art

  • Birth of Queen Elizabeth II 2 of 9

    The birth of Queen Elizabeth II was unusual in that she arrived via Caesarean section in a home delivery. In 1926! In the obituary for her mother there is an interesting comment about the arrival of Queen Elizabeth. "The Home Secretary, Sir William Joynson-Hicks, was required to attend to ensure that no substitute should be smuggled in in a warming pan or similar receptacle." Once the birth was verified an announcement was made to the public.


    Image Credit: Wikimedia

  • Birth of Prince Charles 3 of 9

    The arrival of Prince Charles was announced over BBC radio by John Snagge. In a very calm and serene voice the newsreader told the listeners, "Princess Elizabeth was safely delivered of her a Prince." The world's first view of the new prince was from footage taken from his christening ceremony


    Image Credit: Country Life Magazine archives

  • Birth of Princess Anne 4 of 9

    Princess Anne was born in 1950 in Clarence House in London. The information was given to the public at first by way of simple signs placed outside of Clarence House with information about how much Princess Anne weighed and the time of her birth. Like Prince Charles, the royal family was much more public on christening day


    Image Credit:  The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

  • Birth of Princess Caroline 5 of 9

    Grace Kelly gave birth to Princess Caroline in 1957. On the day of her birth one cannon was fired to signify the arrival of a baby girl. Crowds flocked to the castle to wait for updates and then an official notice was hung outside with information. In this fantastic archival footage you not only can see the hanging of the official notice, but also home movies from the royal family with the new baby. 


    Image Credit: Life Covers, archives

  • Birth of Prince Albert 6 of 9

    The arrival of crown prince Albert III meant two cannons were fired to signify a boy had been born. However the birth of a son was such big news in Monaco the announcement was given an exclamation point of a 101 gun salute. 


    Image Credit: Look Magazine, via The Daily Postcard

  • Birth of Prince William 7 of 9

    When Prince William was born, Prince Charles emerged to briefly speak to reporters and let them know his wife was well, and his son was, "looking a bit more human this morning." Reporters continued to camp out until Princess Diana walked out with young Prince William. 


    Image Credit: Woman's Own via Princess Diana Remembered

  • Birth of Prince Harry 8 of 9

    Hundreds of reporters waited outside of the hospital for the news of Prince Harry's safe arrival. People Magazine shared an interesting moment about the announcement of Prince Harry's birth: "A TV crewman, hooked up to his home office through headphones, broke the news to the mob outside St. Mary's. 'It's a boy!' he shouted. The crowd exploded in cheers. At that, a rubbernecking motorist in front of the hospital drove into the side of an ambulance. "


    Image Credit: People Magazine, archive

  • Birth of Princesses of York 9 of 9

    In August of 1988 a note was placed on the iron fence around Buckingham Palace that read, "Her Royal Highness the Duchess of York was safely delivered of a daughter at 8:18 p.m. today. Her Royal Highness and her child are both well." People Magazine reported on the birth and said, "celebration was rampant as England toasted the birth of Fergie and Andy's new York, the country's first royal princess to come into the world since Princess Anne made her entrance 38 years ago."


    Image Credit: Life covers, archive

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