This Self-Taught 14-Year-Old Makes Incredible Cakes That’ll Blow Your Mind

Who hasn’t found themselves scrolling through social media only to be mesmerized by a video showcasing an intricately made dessert? I know I have! But have you ever suspected the creator of the unbelievably decorated cake to be a mere 14 years old? Teen baker Ryan Wilson is exactly that — and his cakes will blow you away.

The young teen started baking when he was only 8 years old, using an Easy Bake Oven to kick off what would be a whirlwind of cooking achievements. He tells Babble:

“I used the Easy Bake Oven for a while and eventually it became too easy so I graduated to using a real oven. After a couple of years, I got much better at baking, and I auditioned for Food Network baking shows. I got on a couple of shows and I even won one of them.”

As if I wasn’t already in awe of this teen (I can barely use store-bought brownie mix correctly), what’s most impressive is that he’s completely self-taught.

“I learned everything from Food Network and watching YouTube videos,” he says.

Wilson’s been wowing the world with his baking creations ever since. He has 67.4K followers on his Instagram account, @ryanwilsonbakes, and nearly 22K subscribers on his YouTube channel. Pretty amazing, considering that he only set up the accounts two years ago. He frequently posts videos where he experiments with different cake flavors and techniques.

While Wilson has dabbled with other confectionaries, he’s since found his niche.

“Now pretty much all I bake is cakes,” he explains. “I usually make one cake every weekend.”

I think most would agree that each one of them is spectacular! From an ombre cake adorned with macarons, to a piñata cake for the Fourth of July, to special seasonal cakes, there isn’t much Wilson hasn’t created.

In each of his videos, he cuts a slice out of his finished cake, making his audience (or at least me) salivate. I asked him if he ever hesitates to cut into one of his beauties — since they really are like pieces of dessert art.

“Sometimes it’s hard to cut into the cake,” he says. “Especially when I’ve spent more than seven hours on a cake. But I always do want to taste the flavors on the inside of the cake. That makes cutting into the cake totally worth it.”

I certainly agree. This teen gets to have his cake and eat it, too … and so do all of his friends! Wilson said his friends love being taste testers (who wouldn’t?) and that having them around works out perfectly for everyone.

“I always have so much extra cake and I have to distribute it somehow,” he says.

While his friends may love eating the leftovers, it’s Wilson’s parents who have been there for him every step of the way. Aside from “cleaning dishes sometimes” (ha!), the chef’s parents are his “biggest supporters” and are “always going to the store to buy cake ingredients.” They must be so proud of their boy — I hope they have a sweet tooth!

With all the incredible cakes he bakes, you can imagine how difficult it would be for Wilson to select a favorite. After thinking it over, he was able to narrow it down to two options — the first being his Donut Drip Cake.

“I like the donut drip cake because of how delicious it tastes and how simple it is to decorate,” he notes.

The runner up? His Gravity Defying M&M Cake.

“It was my first ever illusion cake which contains one of my all-time favorite candies and it has definitely inspired me to make more gravity-defying cakes,” Wilson explains.

I can’t wait to see what new amazing cakes he comes up with next! After making so many wonderful things at such a young age, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this teen with his own baking show.

Keep making that sugary magic, Ryan!

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