Sarah Chalke Brings Her Story to Grey’s Anatomy (spoilers)

Sarah Chalke guest stars on Grey'sTomorrow night’s all new episode of Grey’s Anatomy will save lives. Sarah Chalke guest stars in an episode aptly titled, “Can’t Fight This Feeling” about a mother with a child suffering from a mysterious illness. What makes this episode unique is that the story arc that Sarah is in really happened to her. By sharing her family’s battle to get a rare disease diagnosed she will be educating millions.

In an exclusive interview with TV Line Sarah talks about the nightmare that she and her fiancé Jamie Afifi went through when their 12-month-old son, Charlie, became ill.

“You present with all these symptoms, you get a lot of repeated misdiagnoses, you keep getting sent home [by doctors]…,” the actress shares with TVLine. “We had a really hard time getting him diagnosed.”

Sarah’s son was ultimately diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease, which may be an autoimmune disease in which the medium-sized blood vessels throughout the body become inflamed. It is largely seen in children under five years of age. Once Sarah and her family were on the other side of being diagnosed she immediately thought of other families.

“We thought, ‘What can we do to help other parents and kids not have to go through what we went through? What about an episode on a medical show?'”

Earlier this year Sarah took a meeting with creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes as well as executive producer Betsy Beers, writer Joan Rater and research director Meg Marinis. After she shared what happened as she fought to find out what was going on with her young son the Grey’s team was on board.

Beth Avant, who writes online at Hip Mama B, wants to make sure every parent watches this episode. Beth met Sarah Chalke last year at an annual fundraising gala. Like Sarah, Beth’s son also had KD (Kawasaki Disease).

Beth explains how terrifying it is to wait find out what is going on. “There is no test for KD, so they have to rule out everything else. You are there at the hospital with your extremely sick child and as a parent you KNOW deep down that something is very wrong, and the doctors can’t tell you what for sure.”

Beth will be on Twitter and Facebook during the episode to watch with the community and answer questions. She hopes that because of this episode, other kids may get diagnosed quicker and correctly.

We can now add Sarah Chalke to our roundup of celebrities using their spotlight to change the world.

You can watch a promo of tomorrow night’s episode of Grey’s:

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