Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Marriage to Harper’s Bazaar

HBZ SJP CoverSarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been married for 16 years. They should get a prize for that in Hollywood!

And in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Sarah Jessica reveals that their commitment to each other is not the only thing old-school about them.

Matthew and I come from a different time and place,” she says, “When we were young people, all we ever wanted was to be good working actors. We didn’t think of fame or money because, honestly, money was never part of the dream. It was to work in theater, to be around those people whose work I was in total awe of. I never saw the trappings; nobody talked about being a celebrity.”

Of course, they are celebrities. Big ones. If Carrie Bradshaw were the only part Sarah Jessica ever played, she would still be an iconic part of pop culture history. They have three children together, James Wilkie, 10, and twins Marion and Tabitha, 4, and paparazzi follow their every move around New York City from school runs to grocery shopping trips.

But what’s so interesting about the two of them is that they’re the kind of actors you don’t see so much any more — the kind who can dance and sing to a live audience without microphones or auto-tuning. They can shine on the small screen as well as the Broadway stage.

When both people have such high-profile careers, that also means they have double the chance of being caught in the inevitable storm of gossip that kind of comes with the territory. Sarah Jessica says their old-fashioned-ness may have made them slightly unprepared to navigate all that.

“There’s also the reality of your life,” she says, “I love Matthew Broderick. Call me crazy, but I love him. We can only be in the marriage we are. We’re very devoted to our family and our lives. I love our life. I love that he’s the father of my children, and it’s because of him that there’s this whole other world that I love.”


Image courtesy of Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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