Sarah Michelle Gellar: “I’m So Much More Than a Performance”

Sarah Michelle Gellar Wants Actors to Use Their Power For Good
Earlier this month, like many of you, I watched the Oscars® and tweeted with my friends in real time. It’s fun to attend a virtual event with your friends online, and jumping in and out of social media as you navigate putting kids to bed and making supper makes it extra fun. I noticed in between the typical red carpet commentary that one of the companies I follow was sharing some interesting things about celebrities and the causes they support. Like this:

Following the #BrightFuture hashtag I discovered the yellow carpet at the Independent Sprit Awards and watched Sarah Michelle Gellar interview celebrities as they made their entrance to the award show. Usually stars are asked who they are wearing or about a film they are nominated for, but Sarah Michelle Gellar was asking the people she spoke with to tell her about causes and charities they support.

I LOVE THIS! Seriously. I am always excited to hear about the good works that celebrities are a part of. I can not imagine that being in the spotlight is a blast, but taking the spotlight and turning it on a pivot to shine a light on a charity you care about will always get my attention. Knowing that a celebrity invests time and money into something beyond fame makes me want to support their career more. When someone like Giada De Laurentiis stands up for cancer, I feel really good about making one of her recipes or buying one of her cookbooks. When Amanda Peet joins campaigns like Shot@Life, it makes me more invested in her career.

I spoke to Sarah Michelle Gellar last night about her participation in Project Sunlight. I also was so curious to know how she seemed to do it all: busy actress, super-involved mom, and now saving the world? SURELY she would have a couple of pointers for us regular moms!

Sarah spoke very passionately about why she was involved with the yellow carpet. “I do believe I am so much more than a performance. I do have so much more to offer this world.” She feels that actors can take on their celebrity as an avenue to inspire change. “I always say, ‘Come on actors – use our powers for good!’ and really we can by just staring a conversation.”

When I asked her about being a super mom, she laughed and said she was just a regular mom. “It is hard. Your whole life changes the moment you have children because you can’tbe selfish anymore. Everything is about these creatures, and it’s our job to protect them and provide for them. I do believe it takes a village. Never be afraid to ask for help. I have the greatest circle of girl friends and guy friends.”

I’ve heard other celebs say, “I’m just a regular mom” before and laughed, but I honestly got the impression that Sarah is as authentic as they come. I remember reading the interview she did in More magazine a few months ago and thinking, “Can she really be that put together?” Yep, she totally is.

Watch Sarah Michelle Gellar talk about Project Sunlight, acting, and being a mom:

Image Credit: Unilever

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