Downton Abbey Cosmetics Satisfy Your Inner Dowager

I am not pleased. No, not pleased at all. The first line of products released from Downton Abbey should not be beautiful and delicate soaps. It should have been hats! Or jewelry, or perhaps gowns? I would absolutely buy a Downton gown. That being said, I will confess I was an absolute fan girl when I heard Marks & Spencer were going to release a line of official Downton Abbey cosmetics in October.

I will buy all the things!

According to the Daily Mail, who had the exclusive on the announcement of the beauty news, the line will focus mostly on gift items such as soaps, candles, and bath balls. Katy Winter from the Daily Mail says, “the packaging features delicate floral designs in rich tones of gold, emerald, and burgundy, capturing the ornate Downton Abbey look and the classic elegance and charm of the Edwardian era.”

These products are most likely the first wave of items to roll out to consumers. In April, Gareth Neame, the managing director of NBC, purchased Carnival Films (the UK production company that produces Downton Abbey), and said creating a product line was always part of the plan, they just wanted to do it the right way. He says, “It’s a very slow burn the moment you get into retail, it’s extremely cautious, it has to test the established brand…No one wants to launch products if the show’s going to be a flop.”

Marks and Spencer will be the only place to get Downton items for the next two years, as NBC Universal signed an exclusive merchandising deal with them. Here’s to hoping all of these products are easily obtained online!

Scratch that! Here’s to hoping there’s a trip to the UK and a visit to Marks and Spencer in my future!

Take a look at the Downton Abbey Cosmetics

  • Downton Abbey is officially selling swag 1 of 6

    Something tells me the Dowager Countess would not be too pleased about the marketing of skin care and beauty products happening right now. She would probably consider it very American.


    Image Credit: PBS Pressroom

  • Downton Abbey Lip Gloss Collection 2 of 6

    For some reason I think of this lip gloss as being only for the upstairs. They seem way too fancy for anyone in the kitchen or staff to wear. Is it odd that I am dying to know what this lip gloss smells like?


    Product image Credit: Marks and Spencer 

  • Downton Abbey Luxury Soap Collection 3 of 6

    The peacock soap looks very posh and suitable for a guest bathroom. I am going to predict this collection is a best seller for the holidays!


    Product image Credit: Marks and Spencer 

  • Downton Abbey Lip Balm Duo 4 of 6

    The packaging on this is brilliant! What a great gift idea for couples, as the two lip balms are clearly reading as "hers" and "his."


    Product image Credit: Marks and Spencer

  • Downton Abbey Fragranced Candle 5 of 6
    Downton Abbey Candle

    There is zero hint as to what this fragranced candle smells like! Does it smell musty like an empty room of Downton Abbey? Does it smell like one of the flowers from the garden? Only one way to find out...


    Product image Credit: Marks and Spencer

  • Downton Abbey Cosmetic Bag 6 of 6
    Downton Abbey Peacock Clutch

    This lively print is hopefully indicative of grander products to come. Perhaps a line of handbags? Let's dream big!


    Product image Credit: Marks and Spencer

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