A ‘Saved By the Bell’ Lipstick Collection Is Launching and We’re Intrigued

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If there’s one thing (and one thing only) that currently unites Americans, it’s our collective obsession with all things ’90s. I mean, it’s why scrunchies are somehow making a comeback. And why Lisa Frank debit cards are now a thing. And why everything from Roseanne to Will & Grace to Party of Five are returning to the small screen with legions of fans cheering them on.

An entire decade was apparently not enough for us to all have our ’90s fill, and we’ve returned some 20 years later to relive it all over again. If I had to guess, it’s probably because the world is currently a dumpster fire and it feels kind of amazing to just flip on an episode of Fuller House and pretend life is simple again, now doesn’t it?

And that might be why beauty brands are hopping on the bandwagon, too. Sola Look is apparently launching a Saved By the Bell-inspired lipstick collection that will transport you straight to The Max — and we couldn’t be more excited.

The liquid lipstick collection actually comes in a trio, so you can decide whether you’re in a Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle, or Jessi Spano kinda mood. Plus, they’re all custom-formulated, totally vegan, and come in some totally rad Saved By the Bell packaging.

The collection is due to launch on February 3, which means it’s just close enough to Valentine’s Day to totally justify you requesting that as your gift this year. Or, if the ’80s are more your thing, allow me to blow your mind with this Dirty Dancing makeup palette:


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