A ‘Saved by the Bell’-Inspired Restaurant Is Coming, and We’re Kinda Freaking Out

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Hold on to your Trapper Keeper, ’cause your inner ’90s kid is about to freak out. According to Delish, a Saved By the Bell-inspired pop-up restaurant is coming to Los Angeles this spring — and not to oversell things, but it looks AWESOME.

The restaurant is being modeled after The Max, complete with all those eye-catching ’90s colors and prints we all loved from the show’s infamous hangout (and somehow didn’t go blind looking at) and will be called … wait for it … Saved by the Max!

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And if that weren’t cool enough, there’s even going to be a private dining room in the back that’s styled after Mr. Belding’s office and will instantly transport you back to Bayside High!

Image Source: Saved by the Max

So far, much of the other details surrounding the restaurant are super top secret — even the menu isn’t yet known to the public. But the chance to dine at The Max and pretend you’re hanging with Kelly, Zack, A.C., and the gang? Honestly, that’s pretty priceless.

There are a few caveats, however: Even though Saved by the Max doesn’t open until May, the hype is already so intense that dinner reservations are almost completely booked. And if you do score one, a $40 prepayment per person is required (which pays for an appetizer and entree for each guest).

Still, the interest was so great that Saved by the Max decided to open up a brunch service that’ll kick off the weekend of June 16. If you want one though, you better act fast — tickets go on sale Friday March 16, at noon PST, and they’re not expected to last long.

See you there, preppies!

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