Quick-Thinking Dad Successfully Stops “Burrito Blowout” with a Genius Trick

Say what you want about gridlock in government — when it comes to urgent issues, Washington state Senator Joe Fain has some pretty quick (and clever) solutions.

On June 2, Fain tweeted out this pic showing his breakfast burrito that appeared to have sprung a leak at the bottom. Thinking fast, he did what anyone might do in the situation, with the supplies he had on hand — he wrapped that baby up!

It just so happened that the “supplies” he had on hand happened to be a Sesame Street-themed diaper.

“My breakfast burrito is leaking and I don’t have any napkins in the car. #dadhacks,” tweeted Fain on June 23.

Ah, the old burrito-in-a-diaper trick. Haven’t we all been there? *Cough* Okay, so maybe not. Responses to the tweet were clearly mixed — dividing the Twitterverse right down the middle (just like politics!).

One side clearly understood the struggle — such as the user who commented, “Well done bro, as long as you didn’t take it off him.” (FYI, that guy appears to be Dick Fain, Senator Fain’s actual brother.)

And it clearly won over a few new voters: A couple of people even said they’d vote for the politician based on this brilliant diaper hack alone.

“I have no idea about you or what you stand for, but I’d vote for you if geographically feasible,” said one.

Another, who replied while tagged a friend, asked, “Can we move and vote for him?”

Then again, this is the Internet — so there was plenty of unwarranted outrage to go around, as well.

“You’d think we’d have a functioning government but the ruling party employs people who eat burritos out of diapers, so here we are,” replied one user.


Bottom line: Is there anything really wrong with using a diaper for non-baby emergencies? Earlier this month, model Rebecca Judd admitted that during a recent car ride, she grabbed one of her kid’s clean nappies and peed in it. Hey, this is about survival, isn’t it?

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