Sesame Street 44th Season Kicks Off With Dave Matthews, Grover, and Feelings

dave-matthews-sesame-street Sesame Street is 44 years old come Monday, September 16. If you’re not sure how you feel about that either, join me in catching the season premiere, when Dave Matthews and Grover hang out on everyone’s favorite kid show stoop and process all of the feelings with us.

“Right now I’m feeling a feeling, and it is not a very good feeling,” Grover says to Matthews, who says back that he’s got some feelings too, and guess what? He’s not sure what they are or how to explain them either. The answer, of course, is to sing it out, which the two do, adorably, in this video. (Note: Grover calls him David throughout, which is possibly the cutest thing about watching Dave Matthews and Grover process their feelings about feelings with all of us.)

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If you stick it out to the end (which you should) you get the reward of hearing them be joyful, and isn’t that what you want for Dave Matthews and Grover? I know I do.

Sesame Street released an August season promo, too — a Cookie Monster parody of the Icona Pop summer hit “I Love It,” renamed — for this season’s self-regulation purposes — “Me Want It (But Me Wait).”

“When me lose control/when me have no doubt/me have strategies that can calm me down…Me self-regulate!/Me want it! But me wait!”

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Stranger things have happened than Cookie Monster as pop anthem and appropriate behavior interpreter for kids, sure, but this is my favorite thing this week. In fact, I think this version could work for some grown-ups too. I’m not naming any names, but this clip may have played on a loop around here this afternoon.

Competition for favorite thing? The Sons of Anarchy parody — Sons of Poetry, naturally — that will also pop up on the show this season.
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Are you asking yourself why you’re not still watching this show? Just me?

Besides Matthews, Sesame Street’s 44th season features guest appearances, as usual, from lots of celebrity guests, including an appearance by Charlize Theron on the premiere episode, discussing the word “jealous” with Abby Cadabby.

John Cho drops by on September 19 to talk about the word “sturdy.”

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Later on in the season, John Hamm makes a sculpture with Elmo, and Dax Shepard and Abby learn to amplify a guitar. Lauren Graham, Hank Azaria, Peter Dinklage, and Anna Kendrick are some of the other actors on the season’s schedule. Clips of these appearances are on the show’s website, which you can check out if you’d like to know when to be sure to set the DVR for your (and possibly your child’s) favorite entertainers.

While we look ahead to this season, let’s take a look at some of the famous folks who have had someone tell them how to get to Sesame Street in years past, so they could sing a song.

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