Sharon Stone’s Son Sums Up the Beauty of Adoption in Just Five Words

Sharon Stone has been gushing lately about the loves of her life, and for very good reason!

In a recent interview for Closer Weekly, Stone shares that her three adopted sons are, hands down, the best thing that’s ever happened to her. And based on their own words, I would say the feeling is mutual!

“The other day, I asked my son Laird if he knew how much I loved him and he said, ‘Yeah. Because you chose me,’” Stone tells Closer. How adorable is that?!

For Stone, the beautiful memories she’s created with her family only continue as the boys get older. “I watch videos from when they were small and am absolutely enthralled by that,” she says. “But those moments just keep coming.”

Stone’s love for her children has also helped her through the most challenging of times. She considers that love a faith, and one that can carry a person through anything. “I think that love is the greatest faith there is and if you stay faithful in your love, then you’re going to be OK,” she shares.

What a heartwarming sentiment to every family out there!

But Stone had a long and challenging journey to get here. In a 2015 Entertainment Weekly interview, she reveals the agonizing efforts she made to gain custody of her first son, 16-year-old Roan, during a painful divorce to ex-husband Phil Bronstein. Stone had also suffered a stroke and brain hemorrhage in 2001, not long after adopting Roan.

When asked by ET about what kept her fighting amidst the hardships, she says:

“My children. They really look to me and they really depended on me … I also had a child I was raising from far away that I lost custody of in the beginning, when I really wasn’t and probably shouldn’t have been in court. But that’s what I had to do. So the fact that I was trying to parent long distance was something that really kept me together.”

In addition to Roan, Stone adopted 12-year-old Laird in 2005 and 10-year-old Quinn in 2006. And her dream to adopt has been a lifelong one. In a 2012 feature for AARP, Stone shares that she’s always been interested in adopting. “I always thought I would adopt,” she says. “Even when I was young, I used to look up how to adopt.”

Stone and Bronstein first tried for kids, but were met with two heartbreaking miscarriages, both five months into the pregnancies. She has a lupus-related rheumatoid factor, which tends to cause problems during pregnancy. So while she was attempting the conventional route of childbirth, she and Bronstein also consulted with an adoption attorney.

Her last miscarriage was incredibly sad, but it was also the moment Stone learned she’d be able to adopt Roan. “The last time I lost the baby … I went into 36 hours of labor. While we were at the hospital, our adoption attorney called … I thought, ‘This is such a godsend’ … ‘This is so right,’” she tells AARP.

What a miraculous moment! And can we just stop for a moment and enjoy the adorable photos Stone loves to post with her three sons?! They are so precious!

After learning everything I have about this incredible mother and woman, I am reminded how very important it is to love my children fiercely. And while I have not yet gone the route of adoption, it has always been a dream of mine to explore beyond the family I’ve already made. Stone has reminded me to keep dreaming!

If Sharon Stone’s experience raising her sons is any indication, the act of adoption can be tremendously rewarding. And should I choose to adopt one day, I will certainly follow her loving example!

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