Sheryl Crow Opens Up on How Her Battle with Breast Cancer Led Her to Adopt

Image Source: Megan Sayers for Babble
Image Source: Megan Sayers for Babble

Sheryl Crow might best be known for her talents as a singer/songwriter, but it’s her role as both a mother and breast cancer survivor that are inspiring a new group of women.

The Nashville-based mother of two recently appeared at the BlogHer Conference in Los Angeles, where she shared her thoughts on parenting, and mental and physical health. Crow also opened up about her journey from battling breast cancer to becoming a mother, and how the former played a large role in shaping her decision to start a family:

“It redirected the story I was telling myself, the story that when you’re raised by two parents in a loving home, that’s what life is going to look like,” she explained. “And when I finished breast cancer treatment, and I was about a year out, and I decided, ‘What’s missing? Maybe there’s another way there.’ And so I started the adoption process.”

Ten years later, Crow says she lives “a very normal life” with her two boys, Wyatt, 9, and Levi, 6, both of whom enjoy animals and being outside. “They’re great. They’re curious. They’re good boys, and Nashville is a great place to raise kids, particularly if you’re single,” she said. “It’s a great home life.”

For Crow, getting to this point in her life has been a process of honing in on her specific needs and learning how to take care of herself. “I’ve had a lot of people say, ‘Yeah, these things really help you redefine your life,’ but for me, I really refined my life,” she said. “I began to really hack away at the things that weren’t important anymore, and the things that were energy sucking.”

You come in being worthy of love, no matter who you are or who you were born to, but that’s a lesson we have to learn over and over.
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In the year since she’s stopped touring, Crow has enjoyed spending time with her boys more, which she does not only in a physical sense, but on a conscious level, as well.

“That’s one thing I would tell parents, [it’s] to put your phones away,” she advised. “Even when you’re out with your friends, but definitely when you’re with your kids.”

Crow reiterated the importance of being present in the moment, in a follow-up question about the advice she would give her younger self:

“It’s to be selfish about my life, and not to be so hard on myself,” she explained. “And another thing I would say, which you cannot learn — I don’t think anyone can really learn it — is that love isn’t attached to achievement. It’s that love ain’t something you earn. You come in being worthy of love, no matter who you are or who you were born to, but that’s a lesson we have to learn over and over.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

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