Why Are More Celebrity Men Turning to Plastic Surgery?

Robbie Williams suits up as a naval officer to film his new music video for 'Go Gentle' in Los Angeles

Singer Robbie Williams revealed he had a hair transplant and admitted that he didn’t even need one.

The ex-Take That star made the startling admission while chatting about how living in Los Angeles has rubbed off on him during an interview on The Graham Norton Show, which was filmed in London.  He explained: “I’ve lived in LA for a long time and they say, ‘If you sit in a barber’s shop for long enough you will get a hair cut.’  Well, if you live in Los Angeles for long enough you’re going to get some surgery.”

Robbie went on to point out the areas he had hair transplanted, and then declared that he hadn’t actually needed the surgery. You can imagine why this shocked the other chat show guests, actress Emma Thompson and comedian Jimmy Carr. Robbie has a full head of hair, featuring a streak of white at the front, and he’s never shown signs of going bald or having receding hair.

But Robbie isn’t alone! It seems more and more men are turning to surgery. X Factor UK judge Louis Walsh and footballer Wayne Rooney have also had hair transplants, and chef and TV star Gordon Ramsey has had chin surgery, whilst tennis champ Boris Becker had a face lift. Male patients account for 10% of all ­cosmetic surgery ­procedures carried out in the UK, according to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and the latest statistics show a further 7% rise in the number of men having work done.

Are men feeling the same pressure women have felt for years to remain youthful? It would appear so, as men are also spending more on grooming products … something known as the “David Beckham effect.” It seems Becks, with his perfectly groomed features and toned bod, has encouraged men to take more care in their appearance. Analyst Mintel found that men’s beauty products sales have increased by 12% since 2007, and they are expected to grow a further 6% by 2017. Beauty products aimed solely at men raked in a whopping £512 million six years ago but this rose to £574 million in 2012.

Is there something a tad vain about a man who spends $$$ on eye serums and moisturizers? Or should we applaud men for trying to look after their skin — something women have been urged to do for years? Every day we are assaulted with stories of celebs having Botox or “has she or hasn’t she had work done?” — coupled with products being advertised by air-brushed goddesses of perfection. Part of me is delighted that at last men are feeling the pressures that women have had to deal with for decades. Isn’t it about time we all stopped worrying about what is in the mirror and cared a bit more about what is going on inside?

All this facial gazing is turning us all into Robbies — thinking we need surgery/products — when in reality, we don’t.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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