Site Calculates TV Watching in Days: Do You REALLY Want to Know?

yellowtvIf you’re interested — and trust me, you might not want to know — this site will calculate how many days you’ve spent watching your favorite TV shows.

It all seems so innocent: A half an hour here while you’re folding a basket of laundry, a weekend binge there to get “caught up.”  Before you know it, you’ve spent 5 days and 18 hours watching Friday Night Lights. Honestly? 5 days and 18 hours is totally worth it. I would happily give even more time to Coach and Tami Taylor.

Is Law and Order SVU more your style? That will take a bigger chunk of your life — 20 days and 1 hour.

This website is pretty fun to play with. I wonder, how many days do I spend online with nifty gadgets like this that show me how much time I waste? No one will ever know.

I’m not ashamed of my TV numbers. For me, TV is a simple pleasure. It’s not that expensive, and thanks to my DVR, I can skip through commercials and “pause” whenever I need to. Frankly, my TV-watching has never been more efficient. I love to talk about TV too, but only with other aficionados. There’s always those folks who say, “Oh! I wish I had enough time to watch TV. How do you find the time?” I guess I make the time (2 Days and 14 hours for Breaking Bad, for example) by not going around telling people I’m too busy to watch TV.

Check out how long it takes to watch your favorites on the site and tell me, are you surprised?

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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