Smell Like the Biebs! 16 Unusual Celebrity Perfumes

Celebrity Fragrances: Electric Youth by Debbie GibsonWhen I was in the 7th grade, I was very much a plastic charm necklace girl. I was also the kind of gal who would close her eyes tight and sing every word to every song on Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth album. When Debbie launched a fragrance to pair with her album, I was the demographic she was aiming to reach. I HAD TO HAVE IT.

My mother and grandmother had signature scents, so it was about time I figured out what mine was. I was positive that the Debbie Gibson Electric Youth perfume was the gateway spritz to a new sophisticated world. I saved up for weeks before I could afford to make the purchase at the drug store. It had been torture to walk by the day-glow pink bottles for so long, thinking about all of the other girls in my town getting a jump start on their Electric Youth-ing.

Once I had the perfume, I was beyond giddy. I planned a special outfit for school in celebration of the perfume-wearing occasion. I got up early so that I could bathe and prepare my pulse points. I gave the inside of each wrist a strong pump of the fragrance and inhaled my future. Watch out world!

It was less than an hour later that I began to itch. I thought it was a rite of passage kind of itch. That’s the sort of twisted logic that happens when you are in the 7th grade. Another hour later, and the inside of my wrist was covered in raised bumps. Turns out I was just slightly sensitive to the color additive in the perfume.

To say I was deflated would be a great understatement.

Celebrity perfumes have come a long way. Now most pop icons have multiple fragrances and create huge campaigns for them. Taylor Swift is a celebrity who takes great pride in her fragrance creations. Earlier this year, Taylor won the Celebrity Fragrance of the Year from the prestigious Fragrance Foundation.

Take a look at these celebrity perfume bottles, and let us know if you think the bottle matches the personality of the performer or performers.

16 Unusual Celebrity Perfumes: What do you think?

  • MINAJESTY | Nicki Manaj 1 of 16

    There is no mistaking who is behind this perfume bottle. I love the bold design! Nicki launched Minajesty in 2013. It is available at Macy's


    Top notes are red berries, lemon and peach; middle notes are magnolia, frangipani and orchid; base notes are tonka bean, vanila and musk.


    Image Credit: Nicki Minaj Beauty

  • OUR MOMENT | One Direction 2 of 16

    This perfume by One Direction was just released on September 2nd, and it sold out in most stores within five minutes! Available at Macy's (but call first, obviously).


    Top notes are pink grapefruit, forest fruits and red currant; middle notes are freesia, jasmine and frangipani; base notes are woodsy notes, patchouli and musk.


    Image Credit: Eden Parfumes

  • PURE HONEY | Kim Kardashian 3 of 16

    This fragrance has yet to be released, but Kim has already been buzzing about it. She helped design the bottle, including the bee on the outside. The scent is said to be a combination of roses and honeycomb.


    Image Credit: Hollywood Life

  • ISLAND FANTASY | Britney Spears 4 of 16

    Britney released Island Fantasy in the spring of 2013. The bottle is nice, but if I didn't tell you it was a Britney perfume would you have known? Probably not. Available at Kohl's


    The scent is announced as a tropical island getaway, made of floral and fruity aromas. It opens with a cocktail of citruses, mandarin, clementine, red berries, and watermelon. Flowers of jasmine, violet and freesia exceed the lower notes of musk and sugar cane.


    Image Credit: Kohls

  • FOREVER GLOWING | Jennifer Lopez 5 of 16

    JLo released Forever Glowing this year after 2012's Glowing launch. This is Jennifer's 19th fragrance. The first perfume she created was Glow in 2002. I am guessing she will stop making perfume once she runs out of ways to use the word "glow."

    Available at Kohl's


    The composition starts with accords of saffron, white pepper and white honey. The heart captures fresh flowers of neroli and creamy jasmine tones, all blended with suede. Patchouli, iris, toffee caramel and vanilla form the base.


    Image Credit: Khol's

  • HARAJUKU LOVERS | Gwen Stefani 6 of 16

    Hands down, Gwen totally wins with these bottles. She created many different fragrances to go with different Harajuku girl characters, and each fragrance has a different bottle. This bottle is "Wicked Style G." Available at Beauty Encounter


    Floral-fruity fragrance with aromas of apple, peach, pineapple, melon, peony, tuberose, raspberry, musk and aquatic notes.


    Image Credit:  Amazon

  • EXOTIC JASMINE | Halle Berry 7 of 16

    Halle just launched this new fragrance a week ago. I am just going to say it — I am not really a fan of the bottle. It took me a while to realize the bottle was covered with flowers. It looks like shattered glass. It's also odd timing to release a perfume when you are pregnant, but maybe that's just me. Available at Kohl's


    Top notes are raspberry, water lily and fern; middle notes are violet and mimose; base notes are cedar, vanilla, mahogany and cashmere wood.


    Image Credit: Halle Berry Fragrance

  • TAYLOR | Taylor Swift 8 of 16

    Taylor released this fragrance in June of 2013. Taylor's other fragrances have been more whimsical, but this is the first fragrance she has said is representative of her own style. The bottle is unusual, I will give her that. The vessel almost looks like an orange juice glass you would have at breakfast, and the pearls seem like an afterthought. Available at Ulta


    It opens with alluring aromas of lychee, tangerine and magnolia petals, with peony, hydrangea and vanilla orchid in the heart, and a base made of sandalwood, apricot nectar, cashmere musk and soft woods.


    Image Credit: Macy's

  • JENNIFER ANISTON | Jennifer Aniston 9 of 16

    I don't know why, but the fact that Jennifer Aniston has a perfume greatly amuses me. I think I would rather smell like a Phoebe vs. a Rachel, but that's just me.


    Top notes are citruses and rose; middle notes are jasmine, violet and lily; base notes are musk, sandalwood and amber.


    Image Credit: Sephora

  • THE KEY | Justin Bieber 10 of 16

    This is the third perfume from Justin Bieber. He is very concerned with his fans smelling well. His perfume, Someday, has a bottle that made me chuckle. And that is all I am going to say about that. The Key is available at Macy's


    It opens with a splash of juicy fruit with a sheer bouquet blooming in the heart. Its creamy base combines sensual musk, exotic woods and vanilla tones.


    Image Credit: Macy's

  • RED SIN | Christina Aguilera 11 of 16

    I dig the red lace and black bow on the bottle of Christina's Red Sin. On her website, she says, "This is desire you can wear and temptation you can smell. Red Sin lets even nice girls be naughty." Works for me!  Available at Kohl's


    The composition opens with the symbol of sweet temptation: red apple. There is also spicy cinnamon that brings a touch of the exoticism to the top notes. The heart features sweet and red flowers of cyclamen that is traditionally used in love potions. Warm red ginger, musk and exotic sandalwood form the base.


    Image Credit: Christina Aguilera Perfume

  • HEAT | Beyonce 12 of 16

    In June, Beyonce released a new perfume to celebrate her Mrs. Carter tour. In a statement, she said, "I love my music, I love performing, and most of all I love and appreciate my fans. I wanted to give them a special remembrance of this tour and I created this scent to reflect the power, passion, and playfulness I put into my performances." 


    Top notes are pink pepper, mangosteen and acai berry; middle notes are orchid, violet and jasmine; base notes are australian sandalwood, vetiver and madagascar vanilla.


    Image Credit: Beyonce Parfums

  • FAME | Lady Gaga 13 of 16

    Oh yes, the liquid is black. However, once you spray the perfume, it becomes invisible. I am dying to try it out, but I am just not sure if my delicate wrists can handle such magic. Available at Sephora


    From Sephora: Enriched with tears of belladonna, a black veil of incense, and pulverized apricot, this fragrance may cause illicit fits of extravagance, unrivaled rushes of adoration, and prolonged moments of ecstasy and rapture.


    Image Credit: Wikipedia

  • 3121 | Prince 14 of 16

    This perfume has a bit of controversy surrounding it. Prince agreed to be a part of a line of perfumes, and then somewhere along the way decided he wouldn't promote it. It got pretty heated. So heated that a New York judge had to step in and ultimately ordered Prince to pay $3.95 million to the perfume maker for failing to promote the product. 


    Fresh wave of bergamot, jasmine and gardenia at the top notes. Settled at the heart is a bouquet of orange blossom, lily-of-the-valley, tuberose and ylang-ylang, while the base wraps the composition up with patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and musk


    Image Credit: Amazon

  • SELENA GOMEZ | Selena Gomez 15 of 16

    You have to wonder if Selena's friend Taylor has been a perfume influence on her. Selena is not phoning this line in. She has gotten seriously invested and wants to have the go-to scent for young girls. Available at Macy's


    The composition's opening includes a handful of fruits such as sweet orange, pineapple and peach. The heart consists of purple freesia, Cosmone musk and dewberry, while vanilla in the base is joined by sweet flavors of rich amber, chocolate and coconut.


    Image Credit: Selena Gomez Perfumes

  • SNOOKI | Snooki 16 of 16

    Snooki is SERIOUS about her perfume. Just a few days ago, a company tried to steal the look and scent of her Snooki perfume line. "Snazzy" is a full on rip off, and Snooki has filed a lawsuit against Excell Brands for $2.4 million!


    The smell of candy and driftwood. The fragrance opens with exquisite fruity notes of chilled lychee, quince flower and kiwi. The heart is ruled by pink cupcake accord, white jasmine and beach flower. The base includes woody notes, seaside driftwood and sugared musk.


    Image Credit:  Amazon

All perfume notes, unless otherwise noted, are from Fragrantica.
Image Credit: Debbie Gibson Tumblr

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