Snow Days! A Countdown of the 10 Best Cold-Weather Movies

Baby, it’s COLD outside. This winter has been incredibly chilly and snowy with students everywhere staying home due to school closures and families going a wee bit stir crazy. But you know what? Although it may be hard to believe that there are places that could be even colder, in the film world there definitely are.

In celebration of this crazy winter (which isn’t ending soon, as Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of freezing weather), we’ve put together a countdown of the 10 best cold-weather movies — ever.  Which is your favorite?

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  • 10) Groundhog Day 2 of 11

    Where: Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

    Coldness Factor: They are not totally snowbound, but there is a snowball fight and plenty of warm jackets.

    Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell star in this hilarious romantic comedy about Punxsutawney Phil, growing up and second chances.


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  • 9) The Shining 3 of 11

    Where: Overlook Hotel in northern America

    Coldness Factor: The scenes outside at the climax of the movie are very, very chilly.

    This is the ultimate tale of going stir crazy. Due to the snow, Jack Torrance and his family are kept hostage in the large hotel where they worked as winter caretakers.


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  • 8) Big Miracle 4 of 11

    Where: Alaska

    Coldness Factor: Brrr. The cast actually shot this in Alaska, so the cold looks on their faces wasn't just acting.

    This movie makes me cold just thinking about it! Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, and Kristen Bell star in this film based on the true story of a trio of whales stuck in the ice near Point Barrow, Alaska.


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  • 7) The Grey 5 of 11

    Where: Alaska

    Coldness Factor: Liam Neeson is TOTALLY stuck out in the snowy wild.

    Liam Neeson stars in this thriller about a plane that crashes in a remote area of Alaska. Wolves and snow are plights Neeson must battle in this story of survival.


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  • 6) Fargo 6 of 11

    Where: Minnesota

    Coldness Factor: This thriller takes place in the middle of winter and is therefore extremely cold.

    Just thinking of Frances McDormand walking through the snow in this Coen Brother masterpiece makes me chilly.


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  • 5) Alive 7 of 11

    Where: The Andes

    Coldness Factor: The Andes were cold — VERY cold.

    Alive was based on the true story of a Uruguayan rugby squad whose plane crashed in 1972. The survivors had to do horrendous things and go through extreme hardships to survive.


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  • 4) Happy Feet 8 of 11

    Where: Antarctica 

    Coldness factor: Pretty much every single scene in this animated flick has ice in it, so that my friends, is cold.

    Of course a penguin tale would be cold! And the ice is the perfect place for the young penguin Mumble to do his tap dancing.


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  • 3) The Thing 9 of 11

    Where: The Antarctic

    Coldness Factor: We're talking the Antarctic so it is COLD!

    This 1982 John Carpenter remake tells the story of a 12-man research team who is working at a remote facility in the Antarctic when they discover an alien that had been buried for 100,000 years.


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  • 2) Empire Strikes Back 10 of 11

    Where: Planet Hoth

    Coldness Factor: It's sci-fi cold, meaning REALLY cold.

    The planet of Hoth is totally blanketed by ice and snow and was the home of the Rebel Alliance, albeit a very chilly home.


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  • 1) Frozen 11 of 11

    Where: Norway

    Coldness Factor: It's called Frozen for a reason!

    Warming hearts everywhere is our newest, and coldest, entry. Frozen features snow, ice, more snow, and more ice. It's a gorgeous homage to winter.


    You can get chilled by Frozen‘s magic right here.


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