This Pickle-Flavored Soft Serve Ice Cream Is the Answer to All Your Pregnancy Cravings

When it comes to random pregnancy cravings, we’ve heard it all. Potato chips dipped in ketchup, sauerkraut on everything … you name it. And then of course, there’s the age-old pregnancy craving that still seems to be going strong: pickles and ice cream.

At least one restaurant in New York City is finally cashing in on the weird craving combo by creating soft serve pickle-flavored ice cream — and so far, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

The unique flavor is being sold at Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where according to Time Out New York, the “fast-casual” restaurant infuses the ice cream with cucumber juice to get its tangy flavor. But if you’re cringing over trying to imagine what the ice cream actually tastes like, a Refinery29 profile of the refreshing treat describes it as tasting more like a “half-sour” pickle — in other words, one that hasn’t been brining for that long.

The outlet also reports that restaurant owner Jacob Hadjigeorgis and executive chef Glenroy Brown actually had a few reasons behind the ice cream’s creation (besides just wanting to introduce an out-of-the-box flavor).

“We wanted to have something that reflected our childhood memories,” Brown told Refinery29, of the decision to add soft-serve ice cream.

And as for the pickle flavor?

“We’re known for our pickle recipes and in both of our other restaurants, we have pickles as one of our staple items on the menu, so this was sort of a no-brainer,” Brown explains.

The whole pickle craze seems to be a thing lately; especially with dessert treats. Earlier this year, the Internet remained divided over the news that Sonic plans to release a pickle juice-flavored slushie. And Walmart appears to be selling pickle-flavored ice pops. There are even recipes floating around the Internet for pickle-flavored cupcakes.

Hey, don’t knock ’em ’til you’ve tried ’em.

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