4-Year-Old’s Fierce Rendition of “How Far I’ll Go” Puts Classmates to Shame

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I’ve seen many a sing-a-long in my day, but none quite as impassioned as the performance little Sophia Urquijo gave at her preschool graduation recently. When I say this little girl is living her best life — I mean it, people. The stage simply could not contain her.

According to her mother Michelle, the 4-year-old was supposed to perform a “mellow rendition of Moana‘s ‘How Far I’ll Go'” alongside her classmates at graduation, but clearly missed the memo on the whole “mellow” part.

Sophia, who stands centerstage in the viral clip, gave the performance of a lifetime — from her impassioned arm-flailing and vigorous feet-stomping to the way she full-on belted (okay, SCREAMED) the song out, I have honestly never been more impressed by a child.

“Sophia LOVES the Moana soundtrack and movie, and she belts out the notes almost daily!” Michelle tells Babble. “Although her performance at the graduation really surprised us!”

As for all that stage presence? Her mom Michelle shares that Sophia doesn’t exactly shy away from an audience — or the camera. In fact, South Florida-native is a child model in actress, and as her mom puts it, is “typically very outgoing and silly.”

Image Source: Michelle Neshin

It’s pretty clear that little Sophia had the time of her life up there — at one point I even questioned if she was wiping emotional tears away from her eyes. (And really, who could blame her? I mean, preschool graduation day is EMOTIONAL.)

“When I first saw her from the audience, I was a mixture of absolutely surprised and proud,” her mom shares. Because “as the smallest and youngest one of her graduating class she had the confidence to get up there in front of an auditorium full of people and really be herself.”

And that confidence has led to one of the most adorable renditions of the song the Internet has yet to see. Since Michelle first shared the video on her Facebook page last weekend, her daughter’s musical debut has been viewed over 478K times, received 4.6K comments, 4.5K shares, and 4.7K comments.

The video was immediately flooded with comments from Disney fans, who feverishly tagged their friends. One user even called Sophia her “spirit animal.”

“When I first posted this video, it was because Sophia’s grandmother had a family emergency and couldn’t attend her graduation,” Michelle tells Babble. “I wanted her to be able to see the performance and not feel left out, never in a million years did I think 50 people would see it, let alone over 500,000. Quickly people started messaging me and telling me that her video made them laugh and had a positive impact on their day.”

One thing’s for sure: If you haven’t yet belted out “How Far I’ll Go” with as much vigor and passion as little Sophia, you haven’t lived.

Keep doing your thing, Sophia! You’re killing it up there!

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