27 Spoiler-Free Thoughts I Had While Watching the First Episode of ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

image source: netflix
image source: netflix

There’s something so special about that combination of talent — super clever writing, super fast talking, and a super quaint setting — that gets me every time. I cried the moment Lorelai and Luke first kissed on the steps of the Dragonfly Inn, laughed when Jess got “beaked” by a swan, and made a puddle of tears when Rory went off on the campaign trail. There is no other show that brings about so many feels for me like Gilmore Girls.

So the anticipation of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has been mounting for what seems like years. Oy with the poodles already! Well, on one magical night, I was lucky enough to see the first episode, “Winter,” during the LA premiere. And it was everything I wanted and needed right now. Not to mention meeting the cast during the event. (Squee!)

Here are my spoiler-free thoughts while watching the first episode (sitting three rows behind Luke Danes!):

  1. OMG. OMG. OMG.
  2. Credits roll in with a black background and audio clips from episodes past. What a befitting opener!
  3. That ever-picturesque small town of Connecticut … wish Stars Hollow was real. It’s just so perfect.
  4. There are so many nods to us Gilmore Girls fans who have been waiting for this moment! Like …
  5. The memorable scene from the trailer where Lorelai says, “Haven’t done that for awhile.” And Rory replies, “Felt good!”
  6. Lorelai saying, “I’ve missed you kid … How long’s it been?” While Rory replies, “Feels like years.”
  7. And Rory stating that it’s “so good to be home.”
  8. Don’t know how Lorelai smells snow, but it’s wonderful.

    image source: netflix
    image source: netflix
  9. Well, there’s no denying their fast talking.
  10. And in my la la land of watching, mesmerized by the story, I’m missing many lines. (I’ll definitely need to watch one five or so more times.)
  11. Gotta love that town troubadour. If only they were that talented (and clean) in real life.
  12. Lorelai’s home decorated for the holidays is #goals. It’s snow-capped with the right amount of twinkly lights. Just beautiful.
  13. Some things never change, like …
  14. Luke’s disdain for all things unhealthy.
  15. Rory with her “see where life takes me” attitude, similar to the finale.
  16. Lorelai and her weird dreams.
  17. Yup, same quirky humor — really any scene with Kirk.
  18. But not everything’s the same, like …
  19. The adorable pig running around town.

    image source: netflix
    image source: netflix
  20. Though many characters are true to their roots through and through, some have grown. I mean, it’s been almost a decade!
  21. Richard, oh do I miss him.
  22. This show is so real. Just when you think Emily and Lorelai have a great breakthrough, it’s not all peachy-keen. Still a dysfunctional family despite the loss of a dear one.

    image source: netflix
    image source: netflix
  23. After an hour or so, it feels more like a movie, but still in the true Gilmore Girls universe.
  24. There seems to be a mix of fashion: early Gilmore Girls-era meets current day. Take Lorelai’s suede, fur-rimmed jacket and pageboy hat (so early 2000s) and then her on-trend sweater featuring patches.
  25. And her cozy “Let’s Brunch” shirt. I must have!
  26. Luke notices something that Lorelai doesn’t? Wow. Maybe more things have changed.
  27. That’s the end? No! Must. have. more.

I had many laughs and cries — per usual when these girls are involved — and a few surprises, to boot! It really is the perfect mix of old and new, and I can’t wait to watch the rest on the 25th. Copper boom!

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