Teachers and Parents Host Annual “Harry Potter Day” for Luckiest Students Ever

While most of us are still waiting for our official Hogwarts acceptance letter (we’re sure an owl is on its way!), the third graders at St. Bonaventure’s College in Newfoundland get to live out their Harry Potter dreams once a year.

The school has been carrying out this annual tradition of “Harry Potter Day” for the past 15 years … and it has us wishing we could go back to elementary school.

Jaline Rowsell, who reads the magical story to her class each year, is the teacher who organizes the event for the students. The day used to simply include playing some boardgames during the school day, but has since grown to include an actual ride on the Hogwarts Express, flying lessons, a trip to Ollivander’s Shop and more! Rowsell happily told CBCNews, “It’s just evolved into something more spectacular than I could ever imagine.”

The fantastic day begins with the arrival of the Hogwarts Express, of course.

After disembarking the famous train, without any unexpected Dementor visits, the kids are shuffled into the Great Hall for their welcome dinner. The room has been set up with long tables and floating candles, just like in the books!

Next stop on the magic tour? A visit to Ollivander’s Wand Shop to try out some wands! As any Potter fan knows, the wand truly picks the wizard, and this was no different at St. John’s recreation of the shop.

The look on this little girl’s face as a little magic helps her to find the perfect wand is truly priceless.

After equipping themselves with wands for the rest of their of their magical day, the third graders are off to another famous Potter location — Honeydukes.

Colleen Stone, a parent volunteer at the school, spent months constructing a replica of the Hogsmeade store. Treats like treacle starts, chocolate wands, butter beer, and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans could be snacked on by the young wizards.

After filling up on treats fit for a wizard, there was only one thing left to do to complete the perfect Harry Potter day — fly! The genius parents constructed a zip line so students could hop on their brooms and fly off into the sunset.

All in all, this special day was nothing short of magical for the kids of St. Bonaventure. Now if only they would invite guests — we’d book our ticket in a heartbeat.

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